If the NY Crimes is against Mitch…I HAVE to LOVE him!

Posted by on June 8, 2007

This is just wonderful. According to this I am a racist, a nativist, and a brutal child abuser.

Somehow they always seem to wrap up some racism charge into the illegal immigration discussion. I don’t care what race you are, if your first act in my country is to break the law by sneaking into the country, I want you dealt with. If someone robs my home I don’t start an investigation to see if they needed the money before I call the cops and ambulance. Criminals MUST be dealt with according to the law whether they are illegally entering my country or jaywalking and I don’t care if you are hispanic, canadian, haitian, or whatever.

Nativist eh? I guess it’s a terrible horrible thing to take pride in the fact that my family help build this nation starting back in 1690 or so. My family helped form the laws that we live by and we have tried to abide by those laws and expect others to do the same. We have served in almost every major war this country has ever fought. If being proud of all that is a being a “Nativist” then I’m guilty as charged and damned proud of it.

The Crimes says:

The country is changing, but the way it always has, absorbing newcomers, shaping and being shaped by them, inexorably turning them, their children and grandchildren into Americans.

And it’s a true statement. The one thing they leave out is all those good folks from Ireland, Italy, Germany, and all the other nationalities, races, and cultures that make up our melting pot, came in to Ellis Island and other LEGAL ENTRY POINTS to my country. They landed at New York City…not some bayou in Louisiana or swamp in South Carolina. They did it right. More power to them.

I have been harsh with my Senior Senator and the Minority Leader and for good reason I think. He should not have allowed this amnesty bill to see the light of day. When it did and the phones started ringing off the hook in his office with myself and other constituents angry about this madness, he listened and began working to support the rule of law. I’ll still support my Senator…but even if I were still on the fence this statement would sway me:

Republicans who should have been holding their party and the deal together — President Bush, minority leader Mitch McConnell, Senator John Kyl — failed utterly.

If the NY Crimes is against him then he must be doing something right. Give’m Hell Mitch!

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