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Ahmadinejad is here!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

To read the coverage of the legacy media one would think this is the end of the world.  Frustrating to be sure but I’ve come to expect it from the jackals.

So we have a barbarian coming to feign respect to a bunch of self important and totally useless creatures called “diplomats” at the UN.  My beloved country is chock full of barbarians already and some of our politicians are more than happy to lick their boots at every turn.  Why should be all up in arms about Mr. Nutjob stopping in?  Just one more to the list.

It would be a tragedy should Mr. Nutjob be detained as an enemy combatant.  Here’s hoping Gitmo has a spare cell.

It’s a secular world after all…

Friday, September 14th, 2007

I really do not understand what all the hubbub is about the Carls/Hardees commercial and Kathy Griffin’s rant at that flakey awards show the other night. It seems that the Carls/Hardees commercial has raised the ire of some social conservatives out there because it dares to “exploit” women or some other crap as that. Here’s the commercial in full:

I’m not sure I see anything wrong with the ad. If it’s okay for MTV to show far FAR worse then why not a commercial showing a FULLY CLOTHED woman portrayed as an OBVIOUS caricature set to another OBVIOUS caricatured song? Calm down people. I can understand that it may not be for young children but it also gives parents something to point at and say, “Look how stupid those people look.” If anything else, use it as an object lesson but PLEASE do not call for bans, legislation, or any of the other wildly off base suggestions I’ve heard and read.

Kathy Griffin has also stuck her foot in her mouth recently. She wins some award saying, “Some people come up here and thank Jesus….suck it Jesus, this is my God Now!” Should we be surprised at her outburst? It’s Kathy Griffin!!! If she DIDN’T SAY SOMETHING OUTRAGEOUS WE SHOULD BE SHOCKED!

There has been far too much noise about this people…calm down and focus on what’s important.

Have you forgotten?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Six year later.  Our Commanding General in one battlefield is attempting to convince our Congress of the importance of his service.  We are torn apart in this country because of POLITICAL problems and completely ignoring the more serious problems that face us such as the threat of the barbarians.  We are seemingly more concerned with the upcoming election cycle than we are with protecting our kids from these demonic forces in turbans.Have we forgotten what these animals can do?

Nick Berg

Have we forgotten what they made our neighbors endure?


Have you forgotten?