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Speaker of the House initiates war with Turkey

Monday, October 15th, 2007

H. Res. 106 was passed out of Committee on the 10th and now stands ready to come to the House Floor. The entire text of this resolution is below the fold. The bottom line is a condemnation of Turkey for the Armenian Genocide during WWI.

Condemning Genocide is certainly a good thing no matter how you slice it. Typically you want to do it while the genocide is taking place in hopes of stopping it. Ninety-someodd years later is an after thought. Still worth condemning certainly…but not at the risk of alienating an ally in a current war.

Should this resolution come to the House Floor it will be the fault of Ms. Pelosi. Should the resolution pass, the results will also be on the back of Ms. Pelosi and the headline to this article should be on every major newspaper in the country. Of course we know that won’t happen. The NYCrimes will undoubtedly claim a failure of the Bush Administration at some level or another.