Beshear wins by almost 20 points

Posted by on November 6, 2007

Governor-elect Beshear will probably claim a mandate with this win. Make all kinds of comments about how he has been swept into power to do this and that. Mr. Beshear should consider the amount of “anyone but Fletcher” in the 20 point margin. I’m in that margin and I can’t think of much where I agree with Mr. Beshear.

I owe it to my fellow Republicans to hold Mr. Beshear’s feet to the fire during his term and I will try to do just that.

Fletcher lost this election on August 29th, 2005. All the rest has been purely academic. That was the date of his press conference where he bristled against the oncoming investigation and claimed he did nothing at all wrong. Later he was indicted and pardoned all his buddies. Kentuckians are a very forgiving people. Had he come clean, made some heads roll, and made things right we would be celebrating his re-election. He did none of those things and is suffering a humiliating defeat because Kentuckians will not be played for fools.

Mr. Beshear, you will do well to remember this lesson. You have won. Congratulations. Now, put aside the partisanship as best you can and serve the proud People of the Commonwealth.

Oh…and Governor Fletcher, save the “I have no regrets and I did it all for the good of the Commonwealth” drivel.  Pack up and get out of my house.

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4 Responses to “Beshear wins by almost 20 points”

  1. Amir Larijani Unrestrained! » Blog Archive » Beshear Beats Fletcher…No Surprise Says:

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  2. Hendo Says:

    No real disagreement here. However, even though I was done with Fletcher…Beshear, I fear, will be far worse.

    I think you can forget about him throwing aside partisanship to serve the people. I just don’t think he can do it. If he does…great! I’ll retract my skepticism. But the political climate has changed so much in the past 15 years that I don’t see any politician on either side of the isle abandoning partisanship for better government. No matter the cause.

    I guess the only upside for me here is that I may have a KY based casino in the near future. But how much more in taxes am I going to have to pay, for the government to misuse that new found revenue? Yeah…I’m a cynic.

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