Kentucky Pre-filed bills

Posted by on November 7, 2007

Let’s see what we have to look forward to in January

BR 18 & BR 38 Senator David E. Boswell (11/07/07)

I’m a little torn on this issue at the moment. If the taxing and fees placed on these casinos is structured properly it could be a nice bit of income for Kentucky. If, however, it turns into another cash grab by those looking for another county road project it will be a disaster. I’m not sure I buy the notion put forth by soon-to-be-Former Governor Fletcher that all manner of evil will visit Kentucky if we have casinos. I do know that there will be some poor souls that can’t handle the temptation and will gamble themselves into bankruptcy. I am a firm believer in personal responsibility however. If you can’t play responsibly, please don’t play.

I’m sure we will hear all kinds of comments and rants about this as we move forward so let’s just sit back and think on it for a bit, see how the winds start blowing, and make our opinions known when it matters.

There are all kinds of things on the docket for the next legislative session in Kentucky. There are a few that give me that “Oh no they didn’t!” feeling. I think the best one in that category so far is this one:

BR 202 – Representative Tom Burch (10/11/07)

AN ACT relating to the operation of a motor vehicle.
Create a new section of KRS Chapter 189 to define the term “wireless communication device”; prohibit the use of wireless communication device by the operator of a motor vehicle with limited exceptions; amend KRS 189.990 to provide for a warning for first violation and set fine for subsequent violations at between $20 and $100.

(Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)
To: Interim Joint Committee on Transportation

Good heavens. Shouldn’t this already fall under the heading of “wreckless driving”?

It will be good to have them back in town if for no other reason the comic relief factor.

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