Beshear claims his mandate

Posted by on November 11, 2007

It’s great when a sooth comes out almost exactly as predicted. On election evening I said:

Governor-elect Beshear will probably claim a mandate with this win. Make all kinds of comments about how he has been swept into power to do this and that.

and lookie here:

However, Beshear said last night that voters have given him a mandate to bring casino gambling to Kentucky and end the “rank partisanship” in government — in that order.

It’s good that the incoming Governor is already planning on a key theme of his campaign. It’s a far cry from what the current Governor did. Former Governor Patton said in the article:

“This past episode should give the governor ample reason to say ‘back off,'” Patton said, referring to the indictment of Gov. Ernie Fletcher and 14 of his aides during an investigation of state hiring practices. “Local officials need to understand that is no longer part of the political process in Kentucky.”

Here’s hoping that Governor-elect Beshear can manage to pull this off without landing himself or his administration in the hotseat. I actually have a pretty good feeling about it. Mr. Beshear is a long time State Government guy. He understands how the place runs and what buttons to push to get a desired result. From a purely process perspective, this kind of familiarity should work well for him.

I would caution Mr. Beshear that claiming this election as a mandate for ANYTHING other than the fact that he isn’t welcome in the bed with Mrs. Fletcher would be dangerous. He should realize that many Kentuckians would vote for a truly Conservative candidate should one present him or herself. He isn’t all that….humility is a good thing in a governor.

In his first Cabinet decision as Governor(or soon to be anyway), Beshear says he will appoint my old school mate Jonathan Miller as his Secretary for the Finance and Administration Cabinet. Something certainly needs to be done over there. The story coming out of several agencies in Frankfort is that the purchasing process is an utter nightmare to navigate through and that the once vaunted eMars system is an unmitigated disaster. I don’t think we can pin these nightmares on the Fletcher Administration as I understand eMars in particular was in the process of being rolled out before Fletcher took the Mansion. Still, it should be fixed. I think(hope?) that Mr. Miller will address this.

One last plea for this new Administration, leave General Storm as your Adjutant General for Kentucky’s National Guard. He is loved by his troops and in this time of War while many Kentuckians are still serving over seas, this is not the time to change the vital post.

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