A Christmas time Feel Good Story

Posted by on December 12, 2007

Tiny Tim and Uncle Ebenezer it ain’t…yet. Perhaps the Big Four networks will start to figure it out and then again perhaps they won’t.

NBC is the only network mentioned here but the others are referenced as being in the same hole. The question seems to be why isn’t the “people” jumping on board their agenda driven programming? I mean come on! They are hitting all the hotbutton issues right? Fill to the brim with “reality tv” right? Glorifying adolescent behavior and appealing to the base elements in society…what’s not to love right?

To make matters even better, advertisers are taking a hit as well. Wonder why that is… perhaps what passes as advertising today is utter drivel? I mean throwing crap at the TV, screaming “MAKE IT STOP”, DVR sales at all time high drivel.

Ah…feels good don’t it? The death of network television and we get to watch it! The only thing better will be the death of the old guard print media. There really is a Santa Claus.

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