International Gun Runner

Posted by on December 14, 2007

For the past couple weeks a buddy has been working a deal. Today was the day to consummate said deal. We arrived at our destination shortly after 10am to find our 4 crates on the loading dock.

We soon find out the rest of our items are inside the warehouse where the money is to change hands. Cameras were not allowed inside the warehouse else I would have pictures. Dimitry, our..uh..partner, explained to my buddy and I

Камеры не позволены в пакгаузе если вы не пожелать поговорить с моим другом Ivan. Ivan очень сердито. Вы не хотел были бы Ivan.

So…we left the camera outside. Came back out and started loading our…items…into the truck

The bed of my truck filled up quickly so we moved to placing our…uh…items…into the cab of the truck

As I slid the last of our…items…into the truck Dimitry rushed out saying

Мы растем утомленными вашего присутсвия! Вы должны выйти! Сразу!

So naturally we said our goodbyes and fled like the Imperialist swine we are. We arrived back at our storage facility and began unpacking. We were surprised at the quality considering the age and service of our items.

Twenty-two in all and everyone one of them had matching serial numbers on the receiver and bolts and only a couple forced matches on the magazine. Next came the arduous task of determining which of our…uh…friends…would receive which rifle. This caused my buddy and another friend to almost come to blows

But everything worked out and no blood was spilled but my poor buddy was beginning to look a bit the worst for wear

I’m not sure whether it was the task of counting who gets what that caused the consternation you see to the left here or the fact that one of our uh, friends, decided to forgo this spectacular deal in favor of, get this, a couch. Yes. A COUCH. What can you do with a couch that is as much fun as one of our uh, items? Well, besides that. Exactly our point! But no. Our friend here has set aside his most sacred duty of Fatherhood and refused his son the joy of owning his very first historical uh, item. Ahem.

Tell me, dear reader, would you rather have this

or this

Brotha! PLEASE!

Mosin-Nagant 91/30’s and M44s. Mostly from the Ishevsk armory but there were a couple from Tula. FABULOUS quality on these weapons. They were refurb’d by the armory, soaked in Cosmoline, and crated. We believe some of these weapons came from Ukraine but we can’t really be certain. We are almost certain the 91/30s are all WWII era weapons.

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3 Responses to “International Gun Runner”

  1. tseehorn Says:

    somebody actually bought a couch over those impressive *cough* items *cough*?

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Yeah. Rumor has it he’s a Captain in the LFD. One would think Lexington would have better sense than to appoint someone like THAT to a leadership position but…they also elected Her Majesty, The Queen, Theresa so who knows.

  3. Amir Larijani Says:

    I could not believe that anyone would be so stupid as to buy a couch when he could have had a nice, inexpensive boomer.

    Those are the best quality Mosin-Nagants I’ve seen. Can’t wait to get them on the range.

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