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Presidential Primary Endorsement coming soon…

Thursday, January 31st, 2008

My vast and growing audience is growing impatient.  The candidates are calling non-stop.  The media are at the doorstep.  It is time for the Pilgrim to make a decision and you will have it by Monday morning.

One thing is certain, I will not support any Democrat candidate.  I am a registered Republican and in Kentucky it is a closed primary anyway.  Even if it wasn’t there is no idea or notion coming from any democrat that I believe is worth a warm bucket of elephant feces.

My decision will be based on the following criteria:

  • Support for the Global War on Terror
  • Support of Life
  • Defense of a Constructionist view of the Constitution
  • Recognition of America’s leading role in the world today
  • Recognition of the fact that America’s economy is based on the success or failure of the small business
  • Recognition of the fact that the Federal Government is spending far FAR too much of our money

My perfect candidate…

  • is a person of integrity
  • is a person of Faith
  • has lived an admirable life free of the appearance of impropriety
  • has served people not just constituents
  • is consistent in their political positions
  • leads based on principle

Before the field was cut apart as if a round of canister hit it, I favored Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson.  Fred lost my endorsement when his campaign either lied or bungled the question on his support of Life.  It wasn’t the end result of the debate(I believe Thompson is Pro-Life) but the way it was handled internal to the campaign.  If Thompson can’t run a campaign, how will he manage the Whitehouse?  Petty reason?  Maybe but I have just lived through a Governor’s administration who managed to turn a mole hill into an unsurmountable edifice.  Management is part of the job. Hunter couldn’t raise enough money to be viable and he bowed out very early…too early really.  I’m not sure he ever really wanted it in the first place which is both understandable and disappointing.

So…stay tuned.  I promise to surprise, shock, and astound.

Musical Talking Heads

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Let’s say for a moment that we have three people talking about something somewhat light hearted on the television.  Let’s say those three people are Dagan McDowell, Charles Payne, and Alexis Glick.

Payne jokes with Dagan that if she could predict the stock market, she and Alexis could run off to an island, prompting Payne to ask not to be left out of the girls’ getaway. This resulted in the following exchange:

Glick: Alright Don, you come too.
McDowell: We could bring him along with the girls.
Glick: Come on!
McDowell: He’s paying! Thanks, Gerri.
Payne: A little sandwich!
McDowell: Ooh!
Glick: Whoa, I have to go now!
McDowell: Yeah, good time. You don’t want to talk about the reverse oreo!

Don’t ya think the Justice Brothers, Sharpton and Jackson, would be out picketing  the Fox Business Channel before the sun went down?  I won’t hold my breath for such a reaction to CNN.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

I’m going to respond as I read this lovely little piece

ITALIANS blame gypsies from Romania for a spate of crime. British politicians of all stripes promise to curb the rapid immigration of recent years. Voters in France, Switzerland and Denmark last year rewarded politicians who promised to keep out strangers. In America, too, huddled masses are less welcome as many presidential candidates promise to fence off Mexico. And around the rich world, immigration has been rising to the top of voters’ lists of concerns—which, for those who believe that migration greatly benefits both recipient and donor countries, is a worry in itself.

I don’t know about Italy, Britain, France, Switzerland, or Denmark…any of their immigration laws. I do know about our immigration laws and this opening paragraph does NOT leave me with the impression that this is a serious discussion. The Huddled Masses enter this country every day. They enter legally. We want to “Fence of Mexico” to prevent ILLEGAL immigration. Let me say that again for folks who seem to have a filter against that phrase…how many languages you know?

onwettige immigratie

immigration illégale

ungültige Immigration

παράνομη μετανάστευση

immigrazione clandestina


불법 이민

immigration ilegal

нелегальная эмиграчии

inmigración ilegal


That’s 11 different languages from around the world…SURELY you understand one of them. So now…on with the piece…

The next three paragraphs are spot on and I agree with them 100%. People like Sherri Noxel, Allyson Handley, Deepa Dubal, Stuart Johnston, Tim’s Dad, Conrad, Elle…all these people have contributed to the greatness of America. They came here legally and did everything the right way. I’ll take all of them that I can.

The next paragraph things get alittle sketchy:

Face the fears

Given all these gains, why the backlash? Partly because politicians prefer to pander to xenophobic fears than to explain immigration’s benefits. But not all fear of foreigners is irrational. Voters have genuine concerns. Large numbers of incomers may be unsettling; economic gloom makes natives fear for their jobs; sharp disparities of income across borders threaten rich countries with floods of foreigners; outsiders who look and sound notably different from their hosts may find it hard to integrate. To keep borders open, such fears have to be acknowledged and dealt with, not swept under the carpet.

Xenophobic? Hardly. And I love the veiled racist reference in there. I don’t care if they are outsiders who look and sound REMARKABLY SIMILAR to us! If it’s CANADIANS illegally entering the country…I don’t want them and actually think they should be jailed. If they are coming here to work, fine. Put them on a chain gang for 5 years and work their little fuzzy butts off without a single dime going to them.

If it wasn’t for a friend’s admonishment to “READ THE ARTICLE” I would stop here because it is clear this is more about advocating the open borders notion than anything remotely related to a strong country. So…back to the rubbish…

Immigration can, for instance, hurt the least skilled by depressing their wages. But these workers are at greater risk from new technology and foreign goods. The answer is not to impoverish the whole economy by keeping out immigrants but to equip this group with the skills it anyway needs.

Right. So, we take the Huckabee plan then? Open the borders, let EVERYONE in and, hell, let’s just give them in-state tuition. NO WAIT! Let’s send them all to MIT on a free ride! Oh wait…that would be regionalist wouldn’t it? Let’s just let them pick their school and give them a free ride all the way. Sounds like a plan.

Americans object to the presence of around 12m illegal migrant workers in a country with high rates of legal migration. But given the American economy’s reliance on them, it is not just futile but also foolish to build taller fences to keep them out. Better for Congress to resume its efforts to bring such workers out of the shadows, by opening more routes for legal, perhaps temporary, migration, and an amnesty for long-standing, law-abiding workers already in the country. Politicians in rich countries should also be honest about, and quicker to raise spending to deal with, the strains that immigrants place on public services.

I’m with them right up until they mention amnesty for long-standing, law-abiding(even tho they subvert our immigration laws) workers already in the country. Then they really go for the “Eating one’s own leg” contest championship with the “quicker to raise spending to deal with…” drivel. If that’s the plan then fine. Every bank robber gets their own getaway car and driver. I mean if they are going to do it anyway right? That’s the approach some advocate for teen sex right? SURE! Why not! You wanna rob banks? Well, we can’t have you getting hurt and since you are going to do it anyway; here’s the keys to the bank, the floor plan, and your choice of getaway cars and drivers. No worries, Mate! We’ll let the citizens of America pay for it as you steal their money. Have right at it brother!

It is not all about money, however. As the London Tube bombers and Paris’s burning banlieues have shown, the social integration of new arrivals is also crucial. The advent of Islamist terrorism has sharpened old fears that incoming foreigners may fail to adopt the basic values of the host country. Tackling this threat will never be simple. But nor would blocking migration do much to stop the dedicated terrorist. Better to seek ways to isolate the extremist fringe, by making a greater effort to inculcate common values of citizenship where these are lacking, and through a flexible labour market to provide the disaffected with rewarding jobs.

It’s not all about money? hehehe…we know what that means right? Alright alright, they want to move on to our melting pot idea. Alright, let’s have a look. How do we “inculcate common values of citizenship” if the person seeking said citizenship refuses the very first step which is, obviously, SEEKING IT!?!? You sneak in here and make no effort to visit an immigration office means you have no interest whatever in being a citizen. Oh! You don’t know where that office is? Somehow I think the local Church of your particular flavor can help out. You’re an Atheist? Well, Vox Day has a book for you but before you read that you might try with ASKING SOMEONE!?!?!? ANYONE!?!?!?!

I love the “flexible labour market” and “providing the disaffected with rewarding jobs” bit. I wonder what they mean exactly. Well…no I don’t wonder at all really. Everyone should make the same amount of money so there is no disparity…that’s how it should be. Yeah. Gotcha.

Above all, perspective is needed. The vast population movements of the past four decades have not brought the social strife the scaremongers predicted. On the contrary, they have offered a better life for millions of migrants and enriched the receiving countries both culturally and materially. But to preserve these great benefits in the future, politicians need the courage not only to speak up against the populist tide in favour of the gains immigration can bring, but also to deal honestly with the problems it can sometimes cause.

Glad we are almost done with this drivel. Perspective eh? What about the owners of the property destroyed by the “disaffected” Paris’s burning banlieues? I wonder what their perspective is. Or how about the family destroyed by the illegal driving while intoxicated(many many sources for this), let’s ask them about their perspective. Now, you want my perspective on Immigration? The list I provided above, we all know those people and have worked with them, defines my perspective on immigration. I flat out LOVE IT. My father’s family came here in the early 1700s and my mother’s family came here in the mid 1600s. At the time there was no immigration law and the culture they left was remarkably similar to the culture they found in Virginia. Immigration made this country what it is. Illegal immigration is destroying countries. The first paragraph in this pile of dog doo listed some of them.

Politicians must be leaders and do what they think is best for the people who put them in office. I believe the best thing of the US is to tighten the borders both north and south. Let everyone know through PSAs that illegally entering this country will mean imprisonment for a period of years(my bottom line is 5 but I would go higher than 10 but maybe…) at hard labor. You come here to work…let’s put your sorry arse to work.

Now, again, because some folks and obviously this rag don’t seem to grasp the concept let me repeat it. I am all for immigration. It’s this that I’m against…

onwettige immigratie

immigration illégale

ungültige Immigration

παράνομη μετανάστευση

immigrazione clandestina


불법 이민

immigration ilegal

нелегальная эмиграчии

inmigración ilegal


Found this…had to share

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Flickr has two collections from the Library of Congress that is worth perusing if you have a history bug. They have alittle over 1500 pictures from both the early 1900’s and from 1930-1940. The later collection is in color and fine color it is. These are not color-IZED but actual color pics from the era. FABULOUS eye candy for the history geek.

While looking through the early 1900’s I stumbled across this gem and just had to share it. Dunno if it’s genuine or not but it is quite the oddity.  Ladies and Gentlemen, George Washington’s Teeth:

Democrats find themselves in familiar territory

Monday, January 14th, 2008

Over the weekend a bit of a bruhaha kicked up amongst the Democrats. Apparently Senator Clinton thinks that if it wasn’t for LBJ, the civil rights movement led mostly by Martin Luther King Jr would have come to nothing. Apparently the Senator from Illinois er Arkansas uh New York believes Dr. King needed a whiteman to do the heavy lifting.

When certain African-American leaders called her on this SHE claims to be attacked. How silly is that? Can’t say I’m surprised really. She wants “those people” to stay in their place and do what they’re told. Another prominent Democrat would be proud. No, not Senator Byrd. I speak of US Senator and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

The Democrats are splitting. Rush Limbaugh seems to think the war is on. Rasmussen’s data would seem to support that:

But, among white voters, Clinton leads 41% to 27%. Among African-American voters, Obama leads 66% to 16%.

Here’s hoping people begin to see what these people are up to at the National level. The National leaders of the Democrat party are the most vile of racists. I’ll take the Klan over these people any day. At least you know where the Klan stands. The National Democrats will give anything to the African-Americans in the hopes they will just do as they are told. Stay in the shanty and fields and for heaven’s sake stay out of the Big House.

Now we have the first serious contender for the White House who happens to be African-American. Senator Biden, another National Democrat leader, had this to say about Senator Obama:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Ain’t that just peachy! What did Biden expect of Senator Obama? “Yo Homies, you gonna be my byatch!”. Senator Obama deserves better than that but not from the Big House Democrats I reckon.

After John Brown attacked the Armory at Harper’s Ferry in 1859, slave owners through out the south feared a slave revolt. Over a century later George Wallace continued that fear and loathing when he took the oath of office as Governor of Alabama standing in the same place where Jefferson Davis was sworn in as Confederate President. Two years later the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed with following vote totals:

The original House version:

* Democratic Party: 164-96 (64%-39%)
* Republican Party: 138-34 (80%-20%)

The Senate version:

* Democratic Party: 46-22 (68%-32%)
* Republican Party: 27-6 (82%-18%)

The Senate version, voted on by the House:

* Democratic Party: 153-91 (63%-37%)
* Republican Party: 186-35 (80%-20%)

Almost 40% of Democrats in the House and just over 30% in the Senate in 1864 stood against the Civil Rights Act. Can’t have “Those People” getting all uppity can we?

Fourty-four years later and not much has changed. The Democrats will play African-Americans and their tragic history as a chit on a game board. There is no honor, respect, or character in their actions. They are as shameless in their treatment of African-Americans as Jefferson Davis, George Wallace, or any slave owner portrayed or alluded to in Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

NY Crimes at it again

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I wish I could say I was surprised at this story from the NYCrimes.  But, I’m not.  Any respecting bird would be insulted to find this rag in the bottom of the cage and even a rotting fish deserves better fishwrap than this.

Once again, the Crimes shows why it’s circulation continues to plummet.

Marc Danziger, Blackfive, and Phil Carter have cut this story apart already.  You can reach the Crimes Public Editor  at so please drop them a note and let them really know your feelings.

Ron Paul: “Oh! That’s Different! Nevermind.”

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Tonight during the Republican Debate in South Carolina Ron Paul was asked if he thought the actions taken by US Naval Commanders this week were correct. For those who may not know what happened, here’s a link to a news story or you can check Uncle Jimbo’s synopsis here.

***Video Update coming from HotAir***
Congressman Paul’s response started out with a reference to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution with a side order of “false information” and a “rush to judgement” for dessert. He went on and on about it and it really smelled of passivity and Democrat foreign policy positions. Finally, Brit Hume called him on his response saying something to the effect of, “Congressman, every other candidate has agreed with the Commanders decision to respond passively, what are you responding to?” Paul’s response was Litella-esque(excuse the ad on AOL’s site):

New Hampshire recap

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

While a win is a win, for Senator Clinton to claim any more than a TIE in New Hampshire is a dream. It is rather impressive that she did, in fact, come back from such dire predictions but a two point win is hardly a mandate. Still, kudos to the Clinton campaign folks for busting their butts and pulling one out. I still think Obama is the national leader and will most probably be the nominee. Edwards is done…maybe not in his own mind but he’s done.

I heard Bill Krystal make a strong point last night. If Clinton were to challenge Obama to a debate one on one, town hall style, in South Carolina she just might force him to take him up on it or face the “He’s afraid to discuss the issues with me” argument. I really think she could cut him up pretty good in a one on one debate and that could very well turn the tide in her direction. If she can win decisively in South Carolina she jumps back to the front. That’s a tall order but this kind of challenge would help out.

On the other side of the race…yawn. No surprise. McCain won going away but Romney hung in there. You know you are in trouble when the only place you can claim “The Gold” is in a state where the livestock out number the humans. Romney MUST finish within 3pts of Huckabee in South Carolina or he’s done. If Huckabee runs away with South Carolina, look out. He’ll sweep the confederate states with the possible exception of Florida where it will be very close. Guiliani is killing himself with this EC strategy. And poor poor Fred. Go back to Tennessee or Hollywood or wherever your tired rhetoric is most welcome.

and so it continues…the blind chasing the blind. It’s fun to watch in a trainwreck kind of way. I’m almost ready to make an endorsement too…stay tuned.

Iowa Recap

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Iowa Republicans chose an open borders tax hiker in Mike Huckabee….not that they had any serious contenders to choose from however. I think Romney is done. New Hampshire is prolly gonna fall to McCain so Romney MUST come in a strong second or he’s done for sure.

For the first time in a long time I paid attention to the news last night. Learned that Rudy seems to only be playing the big EC states….that’s not all that smart in my book but this is the same man that brought on Kerik and then stood by him.

I hope Hunter is still in the race when Kentucky’s turn comes. If he’s not…get ready Amir…I will most definitely cast a vote for Ron Paul even tho he’s a nutball truther. The rest of these bozos don’t deserve my time.

Iowa Democrats told the Clinton Establishment that it’s time to go back to Arkansas/Illinois/New York or wherever they are from this week. A 9pt defeat for Senator Clinton just stunned me. Early on I thought it was going to be very interesting but when Obama jumped out to that first lead I smelled something of an upset. Had he won by less than 5pts I wouldn’t call it an upset. With a 9pt win tho…that’s saying something. I don’t know if the voters/caucusers(?) were voting FOR Obama or AGAINST Clinton Inc…I guess we’ll find out more as the focus groups come out.

I remember saying something about Obama when he was running for the Illinois seat…that he had some real potential. Can’t say I agree with his politics much but you MUST give him some respect for this win in Iowa. He is the Dems only serious shot in my opinion. Clinton will bring frustrated Republicans out of the wood work and Edwards is the Dems answer to Ron Paul.

At one point I have said that whoever comes out of the Dems I will vote against them. I still think that’s the case. If Huckabee continues to beat up on Rudy McRomney I think I could hold my nose and vote for him against any Dem out there right now. I’m not sure I could do that with Romney or Guiliani. Perhaps I could with McCain. Dunno. The one thing you can say about Huckabee is he is principle driven. I respect that but I don’t have to agree with the principle.

We’ll see…it’s going to be an interesting winter.

Honor Killings in Dallas?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

Ya know, I really hate to go here without something akin to hard evidence but I just can’t help it. Here we have a muslim father who’s children fear him, who has a real problem with his daughters’ dating habits, and suddenly both girls end up dead in dad’s taxi.

Mr. Said, I think you picked the wrong state to do this in. I hope you are caught alive so we can find out what happened here. If this is an “honor killing” then God help you in prison. I suspect, however, you will go down in a blaze of glory as the police corner you and you “reach for a weapon”.

Hot Air has pictures of the little girls. God Bless’m.