Iowa Recap

Posted by on January 4, 2008

Iowa Republicans chose an open borders tax hiker in Mike Huckabee….not that they had any serious contenders to choose from however. I think Romney is done. New Hampshire is prolly gonna fall to McCain so Romney MUST come in a strong second or he’s done for sure.

For the first time in a long time I paid attention to the news last night. Learned that Rudy seems to only be playing the big EC states….that’s not all that smart in my book but this is the same man that brought on Kerik and then stood by him.

I hope Hunter is still in the race when Kentucky’s turn comes. If he’s not…get ready Amir…I will most definitely cast a vote for Ron Paul even tho he’s a nutball truther. The rest of these bozos don’t deserve my time.

Iowa Democrats told the Clinton Establishment that it’s time to go back to Arkansas/Illinois/New York or wherever they are from this week. A 9pt defeat for Senator Clinton just stunned me. Early on I thought it was going to be very interesting but when Obama jumped out to that first lead I smelled something of an upset. Had he won by less than 5pts I wouldn’t call it an upset. With a 9pt win tho…that’s saying something. I don’t know if the voters/caucusers(?) were voting FOR Obama or AGAINST Clinton Inc…I guess we’ll find out more as the focus groups come out.

I remember saying something about Obama when he was running for the Illinois seat…that he had some real potential. Can’t say I agree with his politics much but you MUST give him some respect for this win in Iowa. He is the Dems only serious shot in my opinion. Clinton will bring frustrated Republicans out of the wood work and Edwards is the Dems answer to Ron Paul.

At one point I have said that whoever comes out of the Dems I will vote against them. I still think that’s the case. If Huckabee continues to beat up on Rudy McRomney I think I could hold my nose and vote for him against any Dem out there right now. I’m not sure I could do that with Romney or Guiliani. Perhaps I could with McCain. Dunno. The one thing you can say about Huckabee is he is principle driven. I respect that but I don’t have to agree with the principle.

We’ll see…it’s going to be an interesting winter.

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