New Hampshire recap

Posted by on January 9, 2008

While a win is a win, for Senator Clinton to claim any more than a TIE in New Hampshire is a dream. It is rather impressive that she did, in fact, come back from such dire predictions but a two point win is hardly a mandate. Still, kudos to the Clinton campaign folks for busting their butts and pulling one out. I still think Obama is the national leader and will most probably be the nominee. Edwards is done…maybe not in his own mind but he’s done.

I heard Bill Krystal make a strong point last night. If Clinton were to challenge Obama to a debate one on one, town hall style, in South Carolina she just might force him to take him up on it or face the “He’s afraid to discuss the issues with me” argument. I really think she could cut him up pretty good in a one on one debate and that could very well turn the tide in her direction. If she can win decisively in South Carolina she jumps back to the front. That’s a tall order but this kind of challenge would help out.

On the other side of the race…yawn. No surprise. McCain won going away but Romney hung in there. You know you are in trouble when the only place you can claim “The Gold” is in a state where the livestock out number the humans. Romney MUST finish within 3pts of Huckabee in South Carolina or he’s done. If Huckabee runs away with South Carolina, look out. He’ll sweep the confederate states with the possible exception of Florida where it will be very close. Guiliani is killing himself with this EC strategy. And poor poor Fred. Go back to Tennessee or Hollywood or wherever your tired rhetoric is most welcome.

and so it continues…the blind chasing the blind. It’s fun to watch in a trainwreck kind of way. I’m almost ready to make an endorsement too…stay tuned.

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