Ron Paul: “Oh! That’s Different! Nevermind.”

Posted by on January 10, 2008

Tonight during the Republican Debate in South Carolina Ron Paul was asked if he thought the actions taken by US Naval Commanders this week were correct. For those who may not know what happened, here’s a link to a news story or you can check Uncle Jimbo’s synopsis here.

***Video Update coming from HotAir***
Congressman Paul’s response started out with a reference to the Gulf of Tonkin resolution with a side order of “false information” and a “rush to judgement” for dessert. He went on and on about it and it really smelled of passivity and Democrat foreign policy positions. Finally, Brit Hume called him on his response saying something to the effect of, “Congressman, every other candidate has agreed with the Commanders decision to respond passively, what are you responding to?” Paul’s response was Litella-esque(excuse the ad on AOL’s site):

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One Response to “Ron Paul: “Oh! That’s Different! Nevermind.””

  1. Amir Larijani Says:

    He should have responded with a YAWWWWNNNNN.

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