Presidential Primary Endorsement coming soon…

Posted by on January 31, 2008

My vast and growing audience is growing impatient.  The candidates are calling non-stop.  The media are at the doorstep.  It is time for the Pilgrim to make a decision and you will have it by Monday morning.

One thing is certain, I will not support any Democrat candidate.  I am a registered Republican and in Kentucky it is a closed primary anyway.  Even if it wasn’t there is no idea or notion coming from any democrat that I believe is worth a warm bucket of elephant feces.

My decision will be based on the following criteria:

My perfect candidate…

Before the field was cut apart as if a round of canister hit it, I favored Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson.  Fred lost my endorsement when his campaign either lied or bungled the question on his support of Life.  It wasn’t the end result of the debate(I believe Thompson is Pro-Life) but the way it was handled internal to the campaign.  If Thompson can’t run a campaign, how will he manage the Whitehouse?  Petty reason?  Maybe but I have just lived through a Governor’s administration who managed to turn a mole hill into an unsurmountable edifice.  Management is part of the job. Hunter couldn’t raise enough money to be viable and he bowed out very early…too early really.  I’m not sure he ever really wanted it in the first place which is both understandable and disappointing.

So…stay tuned.  I promise to surprise, shock, and astound.

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