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A President

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Decisions are often difficult things. Faced with several options the task is even more arduous. The usual process begins with a comparison of the attributes of the options, prioritizing those attributes, and finally coming to some conclusion based on those priorities.

Whether it’s a treat from the ice cream truck, your first girl/boyfriend, your first car, Prom Date, or spouse the process is usually the same. Why is it that political decisions should be so different? I think it may be because we assign so many different attributes to the decision and they all get mixed together. For some, that decision becomes too complex and we just stay home. I have never been in that place. I have always been able to settle on a candidate and support them with affirmation rather than resignation. Until this election it seems.

I am a Republican. I first registered as a Democrat in 1985. Never really followed politics closely and intellectually until 1992 when I supported Ross Perot and handed Bill Clinton the Presidency. I had served in the Kentucky Army National Guard for a bit and fully understood the Chain of Command. President Clinton was my President. I continued to support him through the first term and felt slightly ashamed pulling the lever against Senator Dole in 1996. Then two things happened that has changed both my life and my political leanings.

In 1998 I came to Faith in Jesus Christ and was saved by His Grace…I’m sure it took every bit of Grace He could scrape up but He’s a BIG savior and somehow managed. Salvation does a strange thing to people. You can read about how Saul had the scales removed from his eyes on the road to Damascus, you can hear the song Amazing Grace thousands of times where it says, “I once was blind, but now I see…” and still not understand until you experience it. I began to have visceral negative reactions to issues I once supported. I remember at the time trying to reason it away. I would tell myself, “Don’t be stupid, you ain’t one of those people who change your politics just because you are going to church.” That does bother me still. I would rather find a sincere Atheist(not sure one exists actually) than a lieing Christian. I continued to support President Clinton even though I was having a more difficult time dealing with some platform items in the Democrat party.

Then the President told everyone he had lied to them. I took it personally. Very personally. The president is elected by the people. He is not entitled to a single thing once elected other than the humility and servant nature of someone the PEOPLE placed in the most powerful seat in the world.  President Clinton abused that power and barely avoided being kicked out of the Presidency.  I was done with him and personally declared that integrity is what I expected from elected officials.  I couldn’t help if they had a sense of entitlement but I could hold them to account for their wrongs.  I rejected the Democrat party when they all fell in lock step with President Clinton.  I honestly expected people of any character to come out against his behavior and resign their positions of told they had to fall in line.  Instead I watched as the entire Democrat leadership fell into the same cesspool as the President.  So…I was done.

I supported President Bush in 2000 and again in 2004.  I continue to support this President and believe that history will show he has done the right thing at every turn.  Sure, in hindsight, the invasion of Iraq could have been done differently.  The best of battle plans never survive first contact.  President Bush has stuck to his guns, adapting to the political and ground realities where he had to, and pressed on in this fight.  He has integrity.  He leads by his principles.  Thank God for President Bush.

So, here I am.  Facing a primary election with exactly three candidates to choose from in my party.  I have outlined what it takes to be my perfect candidate and unfortunately, we don’t have anything available that fits all the criteria.  Poop.  Let’s look at Ron Paul first.

Congressman Paul is a libertarian at heart.  He really has no business being in the Republican party other than the fact that he has no chance at reelection should he change parties.  He is an extreme libertarian in that he holds the Constitution a close second to the Bible…and maybe above the Bible if you believe the other nutballs out there.  I do not believe the Constitution is a Suicide pact.  Like Lincoln, in the situation where the very existence of the Country is at stake you have to do what is necessary to defend the Country.  Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus and is still considered one of the greatest presidents in our history.  Why?  Because he knew the enemy of the day, the Confederate States of America, could be anywhere.  They were trying to destroy the country and he was bound and determined to stop them.  Extreme times call for extreme measures and Lincoln took those measures.  Congressman Paul would be calling for his impeachment.  Congressman Paul is against our action against Iraq’s former regime because of the lies of the sitting president.  He has bought in to the extreme left’s notion that President Bush made up the intelligence of Weapons of Mass Destruction out of whole cloth disregarding the fact that world’s leading intelligence agencies all agreed that he had said weapons.  Whether that was through empirical proof or other means they all agreed he had such weapons long before President Bush even declared his candidacy for the Presidency.  I can agree with Paul in his limited Government notions, the fact that he would walk out of Iraq without regard to the state of the Country is not something I can support.  The War on Terror is an important thing from where I’m sitting.  Just because there hasn’t been a piece of paper come from Congress with the words “We Declare War”  written on it doesn’t mean that we haven’t declared war on Iraq.  If the President of the United States says he wishes to see regime change in a country, isn’t that the same as declaring war?  No, Congressman Paul, you do not get the endorsement of Pilgrim.  Go away.

So we are down to two candidates.  Senator John McCain has served his country all of his adult life…as he points out every chance he gets.  His service during the Vietnam War is to be honored and respected.  His service since in the House of Representatives and US Senate should also be honored and respected but a careful look at his record shows his tendency to be to the left of many issues.  Chief among them would be illegal immigration.  Senator McCain was partially behind the grand Amnesty bill from last summer.  The illegals could remain in the US if only they pay a fee.  He supported this bill steadfastly which would seem to imply some principle behind his support.  Unfortunately that simply cannot be the case because now he will tell people that he WOULD NOT support amnesty.  Senator, this was only last summer when you sponsored the bill.  Are you telling us you have changed your mind in such a short period of time are or you pandering for votes?  Senator McCain has been a steadfast supporter of our Military since day one.  He has been right more times than not on issues concerning the operations in Iraq.  He called for the surge before the surge was cool.  One could argue that he was responsible for the sacking of Sec Def Rumsfeld.  There is no doubt that he is a good guy and only wants what he thinks is best for the country.  Unfortunately, what he thinks is best for the country is a wide open border.  Sorry Senator, because of that and your voting AGAINST the Bush Tax Cuts (apparently before you were for FOR them) shows us that you are nothing more than a pandering SOB.  While we must honor your military service on it’s face, we do not have to support you for President.

Oh…is just two issues not enough for you?  You do remember that he was part of the Gang of 14?  There is a time for peace and a time for war.  Those judgeships was a time for war.  I time where a final decision had to be made and you scuttled the opportunity. Thank you Senator for finding a “compromise”. You will not be our choice for the Presidency however.  As we said here, we want someone who will lead based on their Principles…not the whims of the electorate.  You sir, in all your Military Hero nature, can respectfully get bent.

And so, we are left with one option.  Two options really but we are American.  That means we MUST vote.  It’s the second most important right we have, in our opinion.  I will continue to bear arms and I will continue to vote just like everyone in my household.

Governor Mitt Romney is out final option.  Let’s look at him for a moment.  When he first entered the race we considered him far too fake…too plastic.  There was something there that we couldn’t trust.  It was an intangible thing…couldn’t put our finger on it.  Well now, we have no other option AND Governor Romney has done nothing over the past several months that would lead us to believe that he means anything other than what he says.  Unlike Senator McCain, he has not changed his positions from those he initially espoused when entering this race.  When running for the governorship of Massachusetts he did indeed tack a bit to the left.  He honored the law of the land and said he wouldn’t work to change that law in his State…as if he had the power to do so thanks to the ruling in 1973.  Governor Romney has held firm to his positions even when other members in his party has attacked him.

I honestly have nothing more to say about the Governor.  I’m still not sure I can trust him.  What I do know is every Mormon I’ve had the pleasure to meet has been a very strong Social Conservative.  Their religion seems to require that incredibly strong and traditional family.  I have no doubt he will continue to support the positions he claims he holds now.

It also doesn’t matter.  There are no other candidates I can support.  If my only gripe about Governor Romney is that he is too plastic…well…that’s a pretty lame reason isn’t it?  If he hasn’t changed his tune to the multitude of audiences he has spoken to I reckon I can believe him.

Pilgrim Supports Mitt Romney for President.