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With Democrats like these, we need no Conservatives

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Kentucky is in a very nice place politically speaking. We have a Democrat controlled House that can’t seem to get out of it’s own way. We have a narrowly Republican controlled Senate that serves as a firewall for anything that might happen to escape the House. We have a Democrat Governor that can’t seem to wrangle his party into doing anything productive. What does all this mean for the Commonwealth? Absolutely nothing gets done. We have our share of problems ranging from rampant drug abuse to postsecondary education policy makers who are very much out of touch with the Kentuckians trying their best to climb out of their current condition. We could use some leadership but from the looks of what is available at the moment, I’ll settle for nothing thank you.

When Governor Beshear won his election with my support all Kentuckians thought we might have Casino gaming rammed down our throats. The Governor attempted several tacks to make this happen from the now cliche’ phrase of “funding education” to supporting our struggling Thoroughbred industry. Unfortunately for the Governor, Kentuckians still have a foul taste in their mouthes after Governor Wilkinson used the “funding education” cliche’ for his lottery project. Tossing out support for the Thoroughbred industry doesn’t quite cut it either when we see the various Sheiks and Sultans flying into Bluegrass Airport twice a year to drop millions into the laps of this “struggling industry” for one of the nation’s most successful renewable resources…horses.

I am not suggesting we ignore our problems. I am suggesting that our problems are too important to leave to such incompetent leadership.  With such inept leadership from the House and the Governor’s mansion, there’s no wonder why Senator David Williams basically laughed away this previous legislative session. Our Senators can’t do a thing to address our problems when Speaker Jody Richards and Governor Beshear can not herd their cats into doing something productive.

Some might say I have no room to make this argument since I supported Mr. Beshear rather Governor Fletcher. I would argue I held true to my party and movement’s ideals by turning out a Governor who was anything but loyal to his party. Governor Fletcher did more in 4 years to destroy the Kentucky Republican party than any other Democrat in this Commonwealth’s history with the possible exception of Thomas Bramlette.  At least his motives were pure and he made no bones about his positions. I’d much rather have someone in my Governor’s Mansion who I can rely on to be consistent than someone who claimed a social conservative mantle only to be a self serving, arrogant ass.

So, keep on keepin’ on Governor Beshear and Speaker Richards! With leaders like you perhaps the People of the Commonwealth can start to address our problems without your interference.