Russia pushing the envelope on “Self-Defence”

Posted by on August 10, 2008

AFOE and Wu Wei are saying Russian troops have left South Ossetia and moved on Gori which has been the staging area for Georgian forces before moving north into South Ossetia.  Russia has also massed troops along the Georgian border with another autonomous region, Abkhazia.   Other reports point to the Black Sea fleet moving toward the Georgian coast.

This is beginning to look more like the land grab I feared it may have been.  Why even attempt to blockade a country that might have 10 ocean going vessels when your published beef is with ethnic russians being persecuted?  Ole’ Putty-Pute is pushing the limits here.

Yeah, I’m giving them ALOT of room here.  History would dictate that this is just another Russian land grab.  Please, Russia, prove me wrong.  Europe won’t stop you.  The UN won’t stop you.  These burgeoning democracies you are aching to stomp will fight valiantly and fall under your tank treads.  When all is said and done it will be America that will be forced to draw the sword.  The question is, will we?

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