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Posted by on August 14, 2008

Not much on the action inside Georgia of late as Russia seems to be consolidating it’s forces inside Georgia proper.  Lots of diplomatic moves around but aside from our moves to send in humanitarian supplies…and perhaps a couple of SOCOM operators for intel gathering…there has been no action as expected.

Some sooths:

  1. Much more talk about accepting Ukraine into NATO.
  2. Much more talk of irregular military operations inside Georgia.

Accepting Ukraine into NATO should be a no brainer at this point.  Russia’s invasion of Georgia had some sound reasoning behind it at first.  We used the same reasoning for moving on Grenada back in the day.  Americans were effectively being held prisoner in a foreign land and we went to get them.  We didn’t, however, make Grenada the 51st state…or the 58th state if you are Senator Obama.  Russia has made it clear by their actions that they have no interest in withdrawing or abiding by anyone’s attempts at a cease-fire.  If they are willing to do it in Georgia under the guise of protecting Russian citizens, it’s not that far of leap for Ukraine to be next.

What really concerns me is the potential for a low level asynchronous fight developing in Georgia brought about by the destabilizing force that is the Russian Army.  We have already heard rumors of South Ossetian and Abkazian paramilitary types plundering and looting.  I think that is a trial balloon.  If there isn’t much of an outcry about that, and I don’t believe there will be, then expect the car bombs, IEDs, and all the rest we have come to expect from the Barbarians.  With that kind of war going on in Georgia there is no way the American people are going to even consider American forces getting involved.  If American forces aren’t involved then there is no NATO or UN response.  If you disagree, please tell me which of the European powers are going to step up and taken on the Red Army.  Make no mistake, while rumors abound about the downfall of the once powerful Red Menace, Soviet Military Doctrine was a formidable foe and while Russia has suffered some economic woes over the past 20 years they are on their way back.  I can see no European Army capable of dealing with them and even if they did would they risk their heating oil with winter staring them in the face?  A Russian force in Georgia means control of the pipelines.

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