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Fishwrap Convention Cancelled

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

They are blaming this cancellation on the economy but we’ve all seen the reports of plummeting readership both online and not.

Somehow I’m left wondering if these folks have hastened this problem by, in some cases anyway, being the local printer for the AlQaeda Times.

We are the LOYAL Opposition folks

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Patterico has a post up with some videos of what’s going on at CPAC.  I expect to see some red meat tossed around at a gathering such as this.  Partisanship is what you expect from a gathering of Conservatives and Republicans.  There’s a point though where the barbs and jabs go too far.

During the campaign there was talk as to the birthright of then Candidate Obama.  Is he a native born American?  It was all the rage on the far right and a complete embarrasment to me as an American.  If there was any kind of real issue here it would’ve been exposed immediately.  There’s no issue here folks.  He was born in Hawaii as he said.  Let’s get over that right now and be done with it.

Then there is John Bolton making this idiotic joke about a barbarian nuking Chicago.  Are we so far removed from the Cold War where a sick joke about nuking an American city makes us all laugh?  OH!  Wait, it’s okay to hit on Chicago because that’s where President Obama is from?  That’s bullcrap.  Petty, political, cheap bull crap.

Then there’s the whole “He’s not MY President!” garbage.  If you are an American then he IS your President…end of discussion.  If you want to be like Alec Baldwin and say you are leaving the country then fine, you can be an idiot like Mr. Baldwin.  How can you say that you support the troops and then crap on their Commander in Chief?  The majority of people in the country voted for Barrack Obama.  Do you thwart the will of the American public?  The American system that has served us so well over these 240 someodd years?  You don’t have to like this guy or his policies but you damn well better respect the position he holds.  Respecting that position means recognizing him as the President of the United States.  If he’s not your President then you are abdicating your citizenship.

Rush Limbaugh trots out the “I hope he fails!” and everyone jumped on it.  Did anyone actually listen to his explanation?  Maybe I misunderstood him but I think he said he want’s his policies to fail.  Aren’t all conservatives in that boat?  He has proposed reinstating the Assault Weapon Ban.  Is it hypocritical of me to want that to fail while also saying I support the President?  I don’t think so.  I think that’s called being a proud American.

Come on people.  Let’s be respectful in our opposition.  American politics is a full contact sport but there is still a line that we just shouldn’t cross.  The far left may have stepped all over it these past 8 years so it may be a bit hard to see but it’s still there.  Conservatives believe in America.   President Obama has issued several policies that I sincerely believe will be unmitigated disasters.  However, like the failed skydiver flapping his arms on the way down, I sincerely hope that these policies are SOMEHOW successful.  The President said the other night, and I’m paraphrasing, that all this money spent will revive our economy in such a way that we can also pay down half of the debt by 2011.  So there we have our benchmark.  We Conservatives failed to stop stimuluspalooza so now we have it.  Shouldn’t we now hope for the success of the plan?  What possible good for America can come from actively working to sabotage the plan?

If you consider yourself a Conservative, would you agree with these statements?

  • Conservatives do NOT suggest killing or harming the President.
  • Conservatives do NOT wish ill on the President and the Administration simply to score political points.
  • Conservatives ALWAYS recognize the supremacy of the United States and want her to be successful regardless of the President.

If not then you need to reevaluate your ideology.  During the Clinton years the militia movement was strong.  Some of these groups were outrageously over the top in both their rhetoric and actions.  A group in Idaho or Montana setup their own courts and issued convictions to politicians and the President while claiming to be true Americans all the way.  That kind of rhetoric didn’t serve any purpose whatever except to mark these people as hotheaded fools.  We all remember the horrible actions of Tim McVey and company.  From the sound of some of the rants out there we aren’t that far from something else like the OKCity bombing.  Dear God, don’t let that happen.

Visual representation of TARP

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Heh.  Ain’t it the truth.

A new era alright

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!  We’re so glad you could attend come inside, come inside.

I feel violated after reading this.  I’m certain that I’ll need some of my wife’s phenergan after I read this.  I’m no economist but I know when I’m being robbed.  What’s worse is that this guy has told me he’s going to rob  me before he does it.

During the campaign I gave this guy alot of room.  Folks like Michelle Malkin, Hannity, Dick Morris, etc were screaming about how this guy is a raging european style socialist.  This was all before President Obama had given a single detail about how he was going to do anything.  At the time he was ranting about all kinds of things emotional and nothing concrete.  The throngs of people would weep at his flowery language and talk about how great he is and how he made them feel.  Well, now that I’ve had a chance to read the reader’s digest version of his budget, I’m going to tell you how I feel.

Sick.  Absolutely gut wrenching sick.  If he succeeds at even a quarter of this nonsense he will most likely bankrupt me and no telling how many other individuals and companies.  This guy wants to be FDR so bad he’s willing to help in the creation of a depression that will put us all on the soup lines.

Limbaugh has been catching alot of heat over his comment that he hopes President Obama fails.  He means the socialist policies of this President and since President Obama has no other policies than socialist policies then he should fail.

All I can do is rant here and to my Congressional delegation.  I can also take part in the Tea Party tomorrow which I plan to do.   Beyond that, I am powerless to change any of this.

I honestly and sincerely hope that all of this spending and indentured servitude leads us to a prosperous America.  A properous America that would make Reagan blush.  An America where small businesses flourish and the common man and woman retain the rights the Founding Fathers enshrined for them in the Constitution.

Oh wait…damnJefferson may have been right.

The President’s Big Speech…emphasis on BIG

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

This guy definitely went to the democrat school of public speaking.  He saved the heart warming/rending stories for the end which is quite the departure from the Gephardt\Clinton model.  He also managed to blame the Bush Administration without ever saying it outright.  I guess he could be talking about the Clinton Administration as well.

He did manage to hit on all cylinders while running through the laundry list of programs and even managed another Clinton standard of trying to make people feel as if they are investing their money rather than tossing it down a gopher hole. Like any gopher hole, however, there is some benefit to tossing money in there.  At least the gopher will have a nice bed.

Okay, okay, time for a serious look at this thing.  In the printed text of his speech he said:

For history tells a different story. History reminds us that at every moment of economic upheaval and transformation, this nation has responded with bold action and big ideas. In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry. From the turmoil of the Industrial Revolution came a system of public high schools that prepared our citizens for a new age.  In the wake of war and depression, the GI Bill sent a generation to college and created the largest middle-class in history. And a twilight struggle for freedom led to a nation of highways, an American on the moon, and an explosion of technology that still shapes our world.

In each case, government didn’t supplant private enterprise; it catalyzed private enterprise. It created the conditions for thousands of entrepreneurs and new businesses to adapt and to thrive.

There’s all kinds of issues here.


The President’s Big Speech

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Forgive me if I wait for the printed text. I’ve watched a couple of his speeches during the campaign and found them WAY heavy on the syrup and not enough pancake.

He’s a silver tongued devil that’s for sure but I just can’t stand to sit there and listen to him weave these elaborate word pictures that mean absolutely nothing. Now that he’s the President he has to continue to feed his minion the elaborate word pictures while also trying to force some substance into the speech…and he struggles with that. I stopped watching President Bush speak because it was just too painful. I won’t watch President Obama because it is just to nauseating.

I’ll read the speech later…until then I have some paint to watch dry.

Taxpayers Clearinghouse!

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

This is just Brilliant! H/T Malkin

Analysis of Stimuluspaloosa

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Looky what a little birdy just gave me!  A line by line look at the so-called “American Reinvestment and Recovery Act” otherwise known as Porkulus, Stimuluspaloosa, etc etc etc.

FINALLY! The new HalfHorse – HalfGator design!

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve wanted to work up this award image ever since I heard the story a couple years ago but never could quite get it the way I wanted it.  So now, without further ado, the HalfHorse – HalfGator award:

halfhorsehalfgator2Awarded to Kentuckians primarilly but also others who by action or word exemplify the essence of Kentucky.  What is the essence of Kentucky?  The self reliant and bull headed independence that whipped the British at Vincennes and ripped Kentucky from the strong grasp of Virginia in 1792.

Ah tyrants forge your chains at will
Nay gall this flesh of mine:
Yet thought is free unfettered still,
And will not yield to thine!
Take, take the life that Heaven gave,
And let my heart’s blood stain thy sod;
But know ye not Kentucky’s brave
Will kneel to none but God!

by Mrs. Mary E Wilson Betts

Science and God

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Big BIG title that I can’t do any kind of justice here.  The thing is that I shouldn’t have to.  No one should feel the need to place science and God against one another.  Belief in anything one might call a god must place that god above everything.  Believing in a god that didn’t create everything is rather silly to me.

Mr. Johnson at LGF has a serious case of priapism about Creationists.  Particularly the inclusion of anything remotely related to faith in the process of Government.  Everytime I read something on his site about it I’m left chuckling.

See, I don’t care if Governors, Senators, Congressfolks, Presidents, or anyone else draws from their faith in a public way.  I don’t care if they are Christian, Jews, Muslim, Pagan, or Hindu.  The Founding Fathers were careful to not bring the Church into Government…which isn’t the same thing is keeping Faith out of Government.  I prefer to see someone of faith in my elected officials because that gives me some level of assurance that they believe that there is something greater than themselves at work in our lives.  That is a humbling thing I don’t care what your faith is.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with the notion that we need more humility in Government.

The real bottom line to this Science v. God argument is that Science can be wrong and God can’t.  God created science…He created everything that science attempts to explain.  For those who do not believe in God, well, their frustration is very understandable.  They are trying to explain things far greater than their ability to understand using feeble human minds.  Sure, Newton figured out gravity.  God can turn it around whenever He sees fit.

I had an Environmental Engineer try to explain to me why he didn’t agree with our Pastor’s explanation of Genesis 1.  This guy is a devout Christian and doesn’t discount entirely the Genesis story, he just believes it’s a myth and not to be taken literally.  There’s a rabbit trail here about how he can’t take Genesis literally but he can take Christ’s Resurrection literally…which I’m going to pass on by.  He talked for what seemed like forever about how a millions of years old Earth, based on carbon dating, completely refutes the notion of the “presto” creation myth that is in our Bible.  I told him what I would tell Mr. Johnson at LGF.  If God is God, regardless of your Faith, then he can do anything including making our beloved Carbon Dating technology faulty and creating a mature world with all kinds of little easter eggs, no pun intended, for us to find and wrap our “science” around.  He, or she because I’m including all religions here, has to be able to control, change, or recreate the world they created in the first place.

Is this fair?  Well, do we have anyway to determine that?  There are some things that are unknowable if for no other reason than God doesn’t want us to know it.  That’s something the believer accepts.  That’s something the atheist will forever struggle with.  I pray that God can reach out to them and show them His power and grace.

The New Tea Party

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Looks like there might be some pushback coming for the Stimuluspalooza and Bailout Mania.  Here’s hoping it does happen.  Kentucky has a site setup to try and organize some resistance in our beloved Commonwealth.

Go here, register, and get involved.  I would like to see folks from every county in the Commonwealth.  Not everyone involved with this has to be online…just organizers need to be online so we can quickly share information.

Let’s make this happen.

Stupid is as Stupid does

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

We can argue about the virtues or lack thereof on Stimuluspalooza.  We can kick around the notion a National Healthcare system.  Reasonable people can hold pro and con positions on those issues and discuss them passionately but rationally.

I have no idea where President Obama got this from however.  Miranda rights for barbarians?  “You have the right to remain silent”?  “You have the right to an ATTORNEY”??  Since when do subhumans have rights?

I do apologize for all of you out there that still don’t get that these people would gladly skin your loved ones alive while you watch.  I’m sorry that you guys somehow manage to think these people can be talked to, negotiated with, and appeased.  You are blinded by something I can’t understand.  I honestly pray they never find you or your loved ones and that you live long, happy, peaceful lives.  Just please don’t vote anymore.

If President Obama is honestly contemplating Miranda OR Article 31 rights for these people then I fear for our future.  If I am not mistaken people who are charged with a crime and are not read their Miranda rights simply walk away from the charges.  Let’s hope President Obama isn’t going to just turn these guys loose.

H/T Blackfive

Fear and Loathing in Elkhart

Monday, February 9th, 2009

President Obama visited Elkhart Indiana today to stir up support for the Stimulus bill that passed Cloture this evening. He didn’t talk about how we were going to overcome the challenges before us. No no…he resorted to trying to scare the hell out of people and blaming the whole mess on the Bush Administration:

When he took office I was more than willing to give him a fair shake. I was one of the few people in my family willing to openly declare “I support this President”. I defended his selection on some of his appointees including Mr. Paneta for CIA Director and SecState Clinton. I supported his early Foreign Policy decisions. I was beginning to think that he was going to be a President that actually tried to live up to his overarching campaign theme of changing the way things are done in Washington. His talk of bipartisanship and working for solutions and not political points.  President Bush brought the same idea to DC with his “Charm Offensive” hoping he could get on the good side of Democrats still smarting from a very competitive race and the ugly ending.  The “No Child Left Behind” act seemed to show some progress on the bipartisan front although the extremes on both left and right hated it for a variety of reasons.  Those emotions on the extreme wings of the spectrum soon took over until only the extreme middle remained.  On September 11, 2001 the far left made comments that it was Bush’s fault and wished he would’ve been killed in the attacks.  Some called his actions cowardly when he didn’t immediately return to DC.

If Stimuluspalooza is any indication, President Obama is going to skip the preliminaries and jump right to the main event.  He is going to push hard for his agenda and drop all pretence of being Presidential in the process.

This is the second public statement from the President on the sad state of affairs with the economy.  Both statements have been filled with FUD in a weak attempt to scare us into supporting a bill that will do more for the Federal Government than the 500 million Americans who will lose their jobs this month.

President Clinton was never this negative.  President Bush is probably appaulled at such language from the President.  This behavior is well beneath the Presidency and President Obama should be ashamed of himself.

Bipartisanship in the US Senate

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

I  saw this live and was hoping someone captured it and put in on YouTube.  Senator McCain talking about Stimuluspalooza and the “bipartisanship” and the pig trough that is this bill.

Disregard the title…apparently an Obama Campaign supporter did the dirty work of capturing the video. McCain’s message is still golden.

Here is Senator Graham talking about the process of getting to Stimuluspalooza. Nice backhand to Senator Boxer too:

Finally, here, is Senator Graham talking to FNC about the process. FNC should really allow us to embed these videos.