Stimuluspalooza continues

Posted by on February 8, 2009

I couldn’t avoid it forever it would seem.  I was hoping that I could maybe close this site down but I still need a place to rant and twitter just wasn’t going to get it done.  There’s only so much garbage I can take before I just shutdown and got back to my first loves; family, history, and music.

Anyway, here we are on the eve of another great Senatorial debate.  This time about we bad we can screw our grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Thanks to a few Republican Senators, the efforts of the rest of the Conservatives in the Senate has gone in vain and it look likes this disaster has a chance of passage.

Michelle has the “compromise” bill here.

She has the Congressional switchboard numbers here.

I suspect that tomorrow and tuesday will be busy days.  Stay tuned.

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