Stupid is as Stupid does

Posted by on February 10, 2009

We can argue about the virtues or lack thereof on Stimuluspalooza.  We can kick around the notion a National Healthcare system.  Reasonable people can hold pro and con positions on those issues and discuss them passionately but rationally.

I have no idea where President Obama got this from however.  Miranda rights for barbarians?  “You have the right to remain silent”?  “You have the right to an ATTORNEY”??  Since when do subhumans have rights?

I do apologize for all of you out there that still don’t get that these people would gladly skin your loved ones alive while you watch.  I’m sorry that you guys somehow manage to think these people can be talked to, negotiated with, and appeased.  You are blinded by something I can’t understand.  I honestly pray they never find you or your loved ones and that you live long, happy, peaceful lives.  Just please don’t vote anymore.

If President Obama is honestly contemplating Miranda OR Article 31 rights for these people then I fear for our future.  If I am not mistaken people who are charged with a crime and are not read their Miranda rights simply walk away from the charges.  Let’s hope President Obama isn’t going to just turn these guys loose.

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