Science and God

Posted by on February 22, 2009

Big BIG title that I can’t do any kind of justice here.  The thing is that I shouldn’t have to.  No one should feel the need to place science and God against one another.  Belief in anything one might call a god must place that god above everything.  Believing in a god that didn’t create everything is rather silly to me.

Mr. Johnson at LGF has a serious case of priapism about Creationists.  Particularly the inclusion of anything remotely related to faith in the process of Government.  Everytime I read something on his site about it I’m left chuckling.

See, I don’t care if Governors, Senators, Congressfolks, Presidents, or anyone else draws from their faith in a public way.  I don’t care if they are Christian, Jews, Muslim, Pagan, or Hindu.  The Founding Fathers were careful to not bring the Church into Government…which isn’t the same thing is keeping Faith out of Government.  I prefer to see someone of faith in my elected officials because that gives me some level of assurance that they believe that there is something greater than themselves at work in our lives.  That is a humbling thing I don’t care what your faith is.  I don’t think anyone would disagree with the notion that we need more humility in Government.

The real bottom line to this Science v. God argument is that Science can be wrong and God can’t.  God created science…He created everything that science attempts to explain.  For those who do not believe in God, well, their frustration is very understandable.  They are trying to explain things far greater than their ability to understand using feeble human minds.  Sure, Newton figured out gravity.  God can turn it around whenever He sees fit.

I had an Environmental Engineer try to explain to me why he didn’t agree with our Pastor’s explanation of Genesis 1.  This guy is a devout Christian and doesn’t discount entirely the Genesis story, he just believes it’s a myth and not to be taken literally.  There’s a rabbit trail here about how he can’t take Genesis literally but he can take Christ’s Resurrection literally…which I’m going to pass on by.  He talked for what seemed like forever about how a millions of years old Earth, based on carbon dating, completely refutes the notion of the “presto” creation myth that is in our Bible.  I told him what I would tell Mr. Johnson at LGF.  If God is God, regardless of your Faith, then he can do anything including making our beloved Carbon Dating technology faulty and creating a mature world with all kinds of little easter eggs, no pun intended, for us to find and wrap our “science” around.  He, or she because I’m including all religions here, has to be able to control, change, or recreate the world they created in the first place.

Is this fair?  Well, do we have anyway to determine that?  There are some things that are unknowable if for no other reason than God doesn’t want us to know it.  That’s something the believer accepts.  That’s something the atheist will forever struggle with.  I pray that God can reach out to them and show them His power and grace.

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