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Posted by on February 27, 2009

Patterico has a post up with some videos of what’s going on at CPAC.  I expect to see some red meat tossed around at a gathering such as this.  Partisanship is what you expect from a gathering of Conservatives and Republicans.  There’s a point though where the barbs and jabs go too far.

During the campaign there was talk as to the birthright of then Candidate Obama.  Is he a native born American?  It was all the rage on the far right and a complete embarrasment to me as an American.  If there was any kind of real issue here it would’ve been exposed immediately.  There’s no issue here folks.  He was born in Hawaii as he said.  Let’s get over that right now and be done with it.

Then there is John Bolton making this idiotic joke about a barbarian nuking Chicago.  Are we so far removed from the Cold War where a sick joke about nuking an American city makes us all laugh?  OH!  Wait, it’s okay to hit on Chicago because that’s where President Obama is from?  That’s bullcrap.  Petty, political, cheap bull crap.

Then there’s the whole “He’s not MY President!” garbage.  If you are an American then he IS your President…end of discussion.  If you want to be like Alec Baldwin and say you are leaving the country then fine, you can be an idiot like Mr. Baldwin.  How can you say that you support the troops and then crap on their Commander in Chief?  The majority of people in the country voted for Barrack Obama.  Do you thwart the will of the American public?  The American system that has served us so well over these 240 someodd years?  You don’t have to like this guy or his policies but you damn well better respect the position he holds.  Respecting that position means recognizing him as the President of the United States.  If he’s not your President then you are abdicating your citizenship.

Rush Limbaugh trots out the “I hope he fails!” and everyone jumped on it.  Did anyone actually listen to his explanation?  Maybe I misunderstood him but I think he said he want’s his policies to fail.  Aren’t all conservatives in that boat?  He has proposed reinstating the Assault Weapon Ban.  Is it hypocritical of me to want that to fail while also saying I support the President?  I don’t think so.  I think that’s called being a proud American.

Come on people.  Let’s be respectful in our opposition.  American politics is a full contact sport but there is still a line that we just shouldn’t cross.  The far left may have stepped all over it these past 8 years so it may be a bit hard to see but it’s still there.  Conservatives believe in America.   President Obama has issued several policies that I sincerely believe will be unmitigated disasters.  However, like the failed skydiver flapping his arms on the way down, I sincerely hope that these policies are SOMEHOW successful.  The President said the other night, and I’m paraphrasing, that all this money spent will revive our economy in such a way that we can also pay down half of the debt by 2011.  So there we have our benchmark.  We Conservatives failed to stop stimuluspalooza so now we have it.  Shouldn’t we now hope for the success of the plan?  What possible good for America can come from actively working to sabotage the plan?

If you consider yourself a Conservative, would you agree with these statements?

If not then you need to reevaluate your ideology.  During the Clinton years the militia movement was strong.  Some of these groups were outrageously over the top in both their rhetoric and actions.  A group in Idaho or Montana setup their own courts and issued convictions to politicians and the President while claiming to be true Americans all the way.  That kind of rhetoric didn’t serve any purpose whatever except to mark these people as hotheaded fools.  We all remember the horrible actions of Tim McVey and company.  From the sound of some of the rants out there we aren’t that far from something else like the OKCity bombing.  Dear God, don’t let that happen.

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4 Responses to “We are the LOYAL Opposition folks”

  1. Hendo Says:

    There is no doubt that I respect the position of the Presidency, and any foreigner berating our President will feel my wrath, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to sit idly by and watch Obama turn the U.S.A. into the U.S.S.A.

    Being the loyal opposition, it is my duty to voice my disagreements with B.O. But I do agree with you on the idiocy of some. Any disagreements should be more of an administration process, as opposed to a physical process.

    I firmly believe in the 3 statements above.

  2. Jim Cap Says:

    Here here! Thanks for writing this. I strongly agree with it. As conservatives, we have to be willing to admit when we’re right and when we’re wrong.

    Historically, conservatives were wrong about women’s suffrage, about child labor, and about the Civil Rights movement. Let’s face it: the liberals were the ones leading all of those important movements. Who among us wouldn’t agree that they were all good things and we’re glad they happened? But at the time, conservatives were among the biggest opponents.

    On economics, I’m extremely happy my parents have their Social Security. Without it, they would have undoubtedly spent that money when they were younger and they’d be forced to live with me and my family today. For all its imperfections, I’m glad Social Security is there. Yet, when it was established, we conservatives went crazy against it. I think we have to admit that in the long run, it’s been a positive thing.

    Same thing with public schools. Some people—if they had to pay out of their own pockets—would never send their kids to any kind of school. That only hurts our entire country. Universal education creates knowledge, which creates opportunity and wealth. Yet, when universal education was proposed, we conservatives didn’t like the idea. We said it would “cost too much”. Think of what it would cost without it?

    And so, as I look at my friends who have been laid off, through no fault of their own, and my business, which hasn’t generated sufficient revenue to cover expenses in months, I’m hopeful that this stimulus will work. It may not, I realize, and I’m skeptical. And as a conservative, I’m also very uneasy to say the least, about adding that much debt to our economy. However, like any business that is in a rut, we need capital to be injected into the economy right now, and the only ones who can get it, at present, are the feds.

    So, let’s get behind President Obama—even though I was one of millions who gladly voted for John McCain—and give him a chance to stimulate this economy. He’s already in office; I’d rather see him at least try and fail, then he be handcuffed and not be able to do anything.

  3. pilgrim Says:

    I’m not exactly sure what you are talking about Jim. I would love to see some sources for your claims.

    I am taken aback by your comment about your parents. My folks are getting up in years and my mother just successfully underwent major back surgery. I would work around the clock and gladly welcome them into my home to fulfill whatever expenses they might require. To do or even wish otherwise is unthinkable.

    I’m good with public schools as long as they teach facts and not current public opinion. I do not believe public schools should be day care centers. They should have every right to kick kids out if they are disruptive. It is not the job of the public school system to correct bad behavior. That is the job of parents and if they do not correct bad behavior the justice system will take care of those kids…or they will meet with a more rudimentary form of justice at the hands of the Real World.

    Conservatives are about personal responsibility. It is OUR job to take care of our families. It is OUR job to educate our children. It is OUR job to manage our money properly and to put food on our tables. It is OUR job to find work whether that is a job, creating a business, or growing a garden and building a home out of whatever is handy. It is not YOUR job to pay MY way. I don’t want the Local, State, or Federal government to see to my needs. That is all on me.

    I have to wonder where you are coming from brother…

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