This could be it – new SecDef?

Posted by on March 2, 2009

President Obama has been on the edge with me with his fiscal decisions of late.  I really want to support my President and offer him the “reasonable people can reasonably disagree” card on issues.

THIS, however, would force me to a place I really don’t want to go.

For the link impaired, there seems to be rumors afoot that a certain waste of Carbon, who served in Vietnam, might be considered for SecDef.  If you are still in the dark, check under the fold.


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4 Responses to “This could be it – new SecDef?”

  1. Amir Larijani Says:

    That would be a Charlie Fox if he gets the nod.

  2. Jim Cap Says:

    Well, at least John Kerry served in the US Military. I respect anyone who did that. The rumors that he never served don’t appear to be true. We hurt our own cause when we make that claim, or the claim that he inflicted his own wounds.

  3. pilgrim Says:

    No doubt that he served and his wounds were not self inflicted. His Purple Hearts, however, may well have been “self inflicted” since he wrote the recommendations himself.

    My issue with Mr. Kerry isn’t what he did while in service, it’s what he did after he served. Returning to DC and throwing his fellow sailors under the…uh…boat. That is simply unacceptable. What he said was a lie and the fact that he won’t apologize for that is very telling of his overall position on the Military.

    I have absolutely no use for the man whatsoever. An appointment to SecDef would disappoint me…to put it incredibly mildly. I am former Army National Guard. A PROUD washout of the Ky National Guard. 😉 I believe I MUST respect the chain of command and I will. I respect the positions these people hold…if not the people themselves.

    If this rumor does come to pass I just hope and PRAY we can escape his tenure without another major foreign policy situation that might require military intervention because Mr. Kerry is ill suited to serve in the best interest of the men and women in the charge of the Secretary of Defense.

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