Whitehouse behind Operation Rushbo?

Posted by on March 9, 2009

If this and this are true, then I’m thinking we will see the resignation of David Axlerod any day now.  I mean, this is supposed to be the most transparent administration EVAH right?  Bringing Change© to Washington?  Yeah.  Perhaps not.

I don’t think Mr. Axlerod is acting alone.  I think he’s acting directly under the thumb command of the President.  The President, it would seem, has compiled a list of folks he wants eliminated.  Mr. Limbaugh is at the top.  My question is where will the rest of the political enemies fall?

As I said here, we are the loyal opposition.  I want this President to succeed even while his supporters wanted President Bush and the troops in harm’s way to fail.  Toward the end of success I’m going to help him find me because I am, apparently, a political enemy.

Your continual assaults on a private citizen, your embarassing behavior with Great Britain, your utter lack of engagement within your own government make my support for you all but impossible.  Your pathetic fiscal policy, much like President Bush, disturbs me but I can at least HOPE that everything we know about economic history may just be wrong and the spending orgy will fix us right up.

I have many friends that must consider you their Commander in Chief.  I will not place them into such a position of having to defend you against me.  Regardless of your behavior, you are still my President.  I respect the Office you hold.  Unfortunately for me, since Rush Limbaugh agrees with me on many things I seem to now be a political enemy.

You’ll notice at the top left of my blog an inverted red triangle with a red bar above it.  Hitler used this symbol for his political enemies while they were in the concentration camps.

So there you have it Mr. President.  When my time comes, I’m easilly found.  I must tell you however…bring lunch.  Bring lots of friends.  Make sure your calendar is clear because it will be a long day.

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