Does anyone want to work for the President?

Posted by on March 11, 2009

**UPDATE**  Charles Freeman Jr as Chairman of National Intelligence Council?  No.

Bill Richardson for Commerce Secretary?  No.

How about some bipartisan love.  Judd Gregg for Commerce Secretary? No.

Okay then, how about for Surgeon General we try Sonjay Gupta?  No.

Fine.  Let’s try something else altogether.  Health and Human Services goes to Tom Dashcle?  No.

WHAT!??  Fine then, we’ll just make up a Cabinet post!  Chief Performance Officer.  How about Nancy KilleferNo.

So that’s 5 nominees withdrawing for one reason or another.  Well, okay, 4.5 if you don’t want to consider Ms. Killefer as a real nominee.

Then comes tonight that the wunderkind Timmy Geithner can’t find anyone to work for him either!

It must really suck to be the Obama Administration right about now.  The DOW is down over 20% since President Obama took his Oath…despite the Stimulus that was supposed to save us all.

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