Whitehouse decides to do it’s job

Posted by on March 15, 2009

rather than targetting radio entertainer Rush Limbaugh.

Beginning Sunday, the White House will harness every part of the Democratic Party’s machinery to defend President Obama’s budget and portray Republicans as reflexively political, according to party strategists.

A participant in the planning meetings described the push as a successor to Democrats’ message that Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party leader. “We have exhausted the use of Rush as an attention-getter,” the official said.
David Plouffe, manager of Obama’s presidential race, helped design the strategy, which includes the most extensive activation since November of the campaign’s grassroots network. The database—which includes information for at least 10 million donors, supporters and volunteers—will now be used as a unique tool for governing, with former canvassers now being enlisted to mobilize support for the president’s legislative agenda.

Others involved in the planning included White House senior adviser David Axelrod; the DNC chairman,Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine; and DNC Executive Director Jennifer O’Malley Dillon.

The plan follows the private complaints of some Democrats that Obama let the GOP get the better of him during the debate over pork in the budget bill he just signed, and growing concerns among some Democrats that charges of big spending could stick to the president.

Starting this week, President Obama will be “engaging directly with Congress more, and speaking more forcefully on behalf of his budget,” a top adviser said.

How absolutely wonderful.  The President and his staff will only NOW begin to do it’s job rather than trying to demonize, attack, and well…you know…all those things he accused the Republicans of doing through out his campaign.

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