AIG fatigue

Posted by on March 18, 2009

I knew yesterday this was going to get old pretty fast.  All the congressional outrage manfactured over this “abuse of the tax payer dollar” doesn’t wash with the spending orgy that has went on over the past couple of years.

So you bailout a failed company, slip provisions in the bill that allow for these bonuses under cover of the Conference Committee, and wait for the company to pay those bonuses before you join the side of the taxpayer to show your outrageously outrageous outrage?  Please.  Guys, it’s just too obvious that you take us for fools anyway.  We don’t need anymore proof.

Oh but, WAIT!  There’s MORE!  This morning in WaPo we see this piece attempting to cast some evil light on the President too:

Obama Knew About AIG Bonuses Day Before They Were Paid

By Scott Wilson

President Obama was informed about the $165 million in bonuses due to employees of the American Insurance Group the day before they were paid out last week, the White House disclosed late Tuesday.

Obama has expressed outrage that the company, which has received about $170 billion in government bailout money, proceeded to pay out the bonuses. He said the idea of a company rescued with taxpayer money awarding bonuses runs counter to “our values.”

The timeline released Tuesday marked the first time the White House has acknowledged when the president was told about the bonuses, which have prompted calls from Congress for the administration to recover the money.

Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, has said the president has ordered White House and Treasury Department lawyers to find ways to block the bonuses, which were paid out Friday under contracts signed last year.

The president did not publicly express anger over the bonuses until after they were disclosed Sunday in The Washington Post.

Oh good grief.  So the President knew about it on Saturday, news breaks on Sunday, and he shows is required outrageously outrageous outrage on Monday and you want to cast some passive light on him as a badguy?  That’s my take on your article.

The President has all kinds of things working against him.  There’s no need to make crap up.  The President is a busy man.  Particularly THIS President as he seems to have to consult his focus groups and his teleprompter every so often.  Give him a shot to screw things up before you declare he has screwed them up.

It pains me to come to the defense of this guy who has repeated reached into my pocket after saying he wasn’t going to raise my taxes.  I guess he hasn’t raised my taxes yet…he’s just wasting the money I’ve already sent up there.  When he was inaugurated I said I would give him a fair shot.  Using this piece of drivel from WaPo as ammunition against him isn’t fair and it won’t happen from this quarter.  I STILL wish him all the luck in the world.  I honestly hope these questionable policies succeed although I do not believe they will.  I suppose there should a definition of success forthcoming from me at some point eh?  Can’t have the Dittogang after me.  Geesh…where is my country?

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