House passes Bill of Attainder…and then there were 87

Posted by on March 19, 2009

So, the Constitutionally Challenged House of Representatives have passed their Bill of Attainder 328-93.  Of the 93 nays were 87 Republicans.  Boehner was one of the 87 Republicans .  Eric Cantor, the man being billed as a frontrunner for Conservative Posterboy, was not.  Eric, you got some ‘splainin to do.

Take away the AIG Bailout for a second because said bailout has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BONUSES.  These were contracts that pre-exist the bailout.  They were KNOWN to these people BEFORE the bailout was handed to AIG.  So, we have COMPENSATION going to some folks and now the House of Representatives are reaching into their pocket and taking it away.  Yeah, that’s right.  The Congress of the United States is CONFISCATING THE WAGES OF PRIVATE CITIZENS with this bill.  Not ALL of us mind you…but with this bill I have to wonder who is next.

What happens when Representative Frank or Senator Dodd decides that the CEO and Officers of Microsoft are making too much money?  Another bill of attainder to take THEIR wages?

MUCH LOVE to the 87 Republicans that stood for decency.  The 85 Republicans that supported this sanctioning of theft should be kicked out of the caucus and forced to explain their vote without resorting to the fear and loathing (mostly loathing) that we saw this week.

(got alittle bold happy…no apologies…just wanted to recognize it before Amir recognized it for me.)

I want to welcome Powerline to the Stop the Bills of Attainder Club!

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