Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day

Posted by on April 19, 2009

Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day Pics

Weather was great.  Crowd was great.  Speakers were outstanding.  Many fine organizations on hand with excellent information available for the asking.  From where I stood it looked like a huge success.  I saw where many people had taken the opportunity to sign up on the contact sheets and petitions.

I took a look at all the local media websites and saw nothing in the way of coverage.  I’m not at all surprised by that and frankly don’t care whether they cover us or not.  Eventually they will be forced to cover us.

There was one thing that bothered me about both the Frankfort Tea Party event and the Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day event.  It seems that some folks are still caught up in the petty attacks we can make against the President.  Don’t misunderstand, we have PLENTY on which to disagree with this President.  It just seems to me that the taxation and wasteful spending we are protesting is more a function of the Congress than the President.  Another thing is we should be hammering the Republicans that have supported Bailoutpalooza and Stimuluspalooza.  We expect over the top spending from this current crop of Democrats.  We should still voice our opposition to it but it doesn’t come as any kind of surprise.  When Kentucky’s Republicans support it we should do everything we can to get their names and explanations out to the people in anyway possible.

Aside from that, I had a great time and hope everyone else did as well.  Let’s keep this going by focusing more and targetting our home district representation in both Frankfort and Washington.  The people who represent us need to start feeling the pressure.  They should look forward to May 2010 with much fear and trepidation so much so that they actually have no plans to run for the General Election in November.

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2 Responses to “Bluegrass Tax Liberation Day”

  1. Parisi Says:

    Thanks for posting pics.
    One of the later photos was Mark Metcalfe and not Paul Ransdell as labeled.

  2. pilgrim Says:

    I knew I screwed that up! Thanks for the clarification and I’ll get it squared away right now.

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