She’s a Witch! Burn Her! Burn HER!!

Posted by on April 22, 2009

I have tried to be the Loyal Opposition to this President.  I have bent over backwards to give this guy the room to be a president with a far different agenda that I would have.  Elections mean things and he is the first president in over 20 years that won a clear majority of the votes.  He deserves some room to do what his constituents elected him to do.  Our job as the opposition is to make the best of what we consider a bad situation and try to find someone to run against the President in the next election.

As with just about anything, there is a line that just can’t be crossed.  For me, one of those lines is John “Winter Soldier” Kerry as SecDef would be one of those lines.  Another line is the witchunt we are poised to see regarding the Bush Administrations interrogations of barbarians.

This is going to generate all kinds of heated discussions around watercoolers.  I will support and defend the Bush Administrations decisions to waterboard KSM, Zubaydah, and that other waste of carbon.  They saved lives by doing so and that is documented.  We are fighting a group that has no nation, wear no uniform, and use innocents as shields.  They are sub-human and are not covered by any civilized rules of war.  Skin them b@st@rds alive if that’s what it takes to get the information we want and then allow them to rot.  NO. MERCY.

If the American Left want political war, this will do it.  Issue one indictment on this and I will support any article of impeachment against this President.  I will support any peaceful effort whatever to remove him from the office of Lincoln and Reagan.  I will NOT support any rhetoric of “can’t we all just get along”.

If they try to take down the previous administration for this and Obama does nothing to stop it then he is no better than the barbarians he is protecting.  NO. MERCY.

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2 Responses to “She’s a Witch! Burn Her! Burn HER!!”

  1. Bryce Says:

    Wrong is wrong, dude. Unless you want us to become the barbarians you hate so much.

  2. pilgrim Says:

    Wrong is lopping the heads off of innocent folks or flying aircraft into civilian targets. Wrong is NOT subjecting the enemy to the same treatment we subject our own armed forces to.

    The President and his administration are certainly free to redefine the interrogation techniques but to go on after the previous administrations officials for this is outrageous. Congressional leadership knew all this was going to happen well before the water was even gathered for the waterboarding and no one said a word. It seems that it only became WRONG when it was politically expedient to be so.

    So far, no indictments on this so we’re all good. The President can, and frankly SHOULD, do what he feels is necessary to further his vision. If that means removing waterboarding from both the list of interrogation techniques as well as the SERE training we offer our armed forces then so be it. It’s his call and he earned the right to make that call. Going after the evil bushies is wrong.

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