The fight for the Republican Party

Posted by on May 26, 2009

A month later down to road and nothing much of interest has happened on the local, state, or federal levels. Same old crap…same crazy spending…same BS rhetoric. The one thing of interest that has caught my eye is how former Vice President Cheney seems to be leading President Obama around by a nose ring as far as Gitmo is concerned. Like an errant hog, the President reluctantly follows the tug of Cheney’s leash to the

The battle emerging within the Republican Party is between the Country Club elitists (McConnell, Powell, Frum) and the Back Country individualists (Limbaugh, Palin, Cheney). This fight has been a long time in coming and I find myself squarely in the camp of Cheney and Palin. I’m not for tossing the Country Clubbers out of the party but I do wish they would recognize, for better or worse, that us back country types are now in this for the long haul. In fact, we were never out of the debate. McConnell can tell you about the switchboard melting down during Amnestypalooza a couple years ago. That was us…not Powell and not David Frum. We are the core of the party. We bust our asses to pay our bills, take care of our families, and make our communities better places to live. We do all that without holding our hands out to the government and are damn proud of it.

While McConnell refuses to support his long time colleague from Kentucky, Senator Bunning, he shows his true colors. While Bunning may be a bit long in the tooth and sometimes decides to eat his foot, he is always on the correct side of the issues and doesn’t give a wit about the politically correct position that seems to keep the attention of the Minority Leader. I’ll support Senator Bunning at least until Rand Paul enters the race.

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