Iranian Election Riots #iranelection #foxfail #cnnfail

Posted by on June 15, 2009

Whether this is the beginnings of a revolution or not we do not know.  What we do know is alot of people in Iran are seriously pissed off.  Question is, are they pissed because their guy lost?  Are the pissed because Imadinnerjacket didn’t lose?  Are the pissed because they are tired of living under the thumb of a theocracy?  I’m not sure anyone here in the US can know that for certain.  There may be Persian experts that have a clue but I surely don’t.

I do know this, a destabilized Iran is a good thing for the US.  If they have to pull back their forces from Iraq and Afghanistan then it’s a good thing for the US as well as those two struggling democracies.

I have watched the traffic on twitter since none of the legacy media in the US has taken the time to cover it.  Tragic stories for sure.  I’m supporting the students and the opposition but not because I agree with their platforms.  At this point anyone would be better than Imadinnerjacket and the change in the country would be a good thing.

Sure would be nice if the legacy media would pick up the story.  I guess it’s pretty hard to do though.  Especially when you are so busy one upping the competition on the latest beauty queen to speak her mind or the latest cute white girl who missed curfew or playing referee between two or more folks screaming at each other over something no one can quite understand…because of all the screaming.

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