Governor Sanford MUST Resign or be kicked out.

Posted by on June 25, 2009

Governor Sanford is the latest asshat to make a mockery out of what he supposedly believed in.  The American Political left should be all over this making all the hay they can.  This is a man who claimed a set of principles and violated them in a most heinous way.  Leaving his wife and kids on FATHERS DAY to get his wick dipped with some tramp in Argentina.  This man deserves every bit of scorn heaped upon him.

All other “conservatives” who believe he should get a pass and NOT resign his Governorship should be excluded publically from the Republican and Conservative caucus whether that is in Columbia or in DC.  They should be shunned, ostracized, labelled as the hypocrits they are and turned out to the wolves in the media.  Whatever adolescent question the newsies can think of should be answered by them and should they refuse WE should demand the answer.

This holds true with every other “conservative” out there who cares so little for their beliefs, their families, and their ideals.  The climate is too hot and the times too critical for us to have anything other than honest, forthright, and bold leadership in our State and Federal governments.  If you are currently screwing everything but your wife then just fess up, resign your position, and get the H**L out of our government.

We expect this behavior from John Edwards and his kind.  They claim no Faith Based guidance in their lives.  They have no such moral code that real Conservatives claim.  When was the last time you heard Edwards, President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, or Senator Reid claim ANY higher power guiding their decisions?  Since they have no such guidance we can expect immoral and depraved behavior from them whether that is crisco laden farm animal orgies or the kind of fiscal irresponsibility currently oozing out of the White House and Congress.

We Conservatives claim some higher power as our guiding light.  For many it is Christ.  Others maybe Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Pagan, or whatever else.  The point is we have a code that drives us to live a life that makes us different from those who have no such code.  We value family.  We value our committments to friends and constituents.  We don’t waiver with the social or political winds.  Our code doesn’t change.

We all screw up occassionally.  Mistakes are unplanned incidents that bring about unexpected and unwanted results.  A mistake maybe supporting someone who turns out to be…I don’t know…CHEATING ON HIS WIFE AND LEAVING HIS STATE LEADERLESS FOR FOUR DAYS.    That was a big mistake.

Planning a trip out of the country.  Taking that trip without telling a soul.  That is not a mistake.  It’s not even “poor judgement”.  No.  That is head banging, howling at the moon, stupidity.

Having your knob polished by someone other than your wife is not a mistake.  It’s not even “poor judgement”.  It is a slap in the face to your wife and family.  It is a crowbar to the side of the skull to every voter in South Carolina that supported you.  It is a knife in the back of your supporters nationwide.  Thankfully it is also the executioner’s axe to the neck of your political career.

Governor Sanford, resign your office and save the good and honorable people of South Carolina the humiliation of having to compare you to former President Clinton.

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