Open Letter to all Conservatives in public office

Posted by on June 26, 2009

I can’t believe we even have to write this.  One would think that sincere people who claim a certain set of ideals would hold to those ideals no matter the circumstances.  Apparently that is not the case however so I have a set of questions for all of you.

  1. If you are married, have you ever had an affair?  Yes, it is pertinent.  No, it is not “private”.  If your spouse can’t trust you how can your constituents?  Quit the whining and answer the question.
  2. Have you ever had or funded an abortion to cover your political hide?
  3. Have you ever cut a deal through your political connections that materially benefited you, laughed, and thought, “They’ll never know!”?

If you answer YES one or more questions please tender your resignation immediately.  Find the nearest television studio and present yourself for an exit interview where you will read the answers to these questions and answer any and all questions put to you.  Said interview will end when the NEWSIE says its over.

We are sick of your infidelity.  We are sick of your shady deals.  We are sick of your hypocrisy.   Shut up, sit down, answer the damned questions.

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