Yes. It is time.

Posted by on August 26, 2009

It is time for those of us on the Home Front to make sure the country our brother, fathers, mothers, and daughters left to fight the barbarians looks familiar to them when they return.  It is time to let those people in Washington DC and our local state Capitals know who their bosses are.  It is time to remind ourselves and anyone who will listen that our Constitution is still in effect.  It is time to get serious.  Set aside your partisanship.  Set aside the grand game of “my party can beat your party” of which I am just as guilty of playing as anyone else.  What we are facing is bigger than these pathetic clubs we call political parties.

This isn’t a Democrat versus Republican thing.  It isn’t a Liberal versus Conservative thing.  It isn’t even a President Obama thing.  What we are facing now is an existential threat to the America anyone over the age of 30 remembers growing up with. This threat comes from Congress and our local legislatures.  For far too long we haven’t asked tough questions to those who run for public office.  For far too long we have taken their lip service and outright lies as gospel simply because they started their speech with something witty or pulled on our emotional strings.  They told us they will “fight for us”.  They told us all about the great goodies they will deliver to us with their, whether representative or senator,  lone pitiful vote.

We, you and I dear reader, have allowed this to happen because we haven’t been paying attention.  We were too wrapped up in whether or not “Richie is going to start tonight”.   We were too concerned with the latest twist on American Idol.  We were always hunting for where our next beer was going to come from.  Our parents were convinced the politicians were going to do whatever they wanted and there was nothing we could do to stop them…and they taught us that…and we believed it.

But, hopefully, that is changing.  For those of you with children, you MUST pay attention because it is those kids that will have to live in the world you allow to be created.  For those of us with friends and family serving our Country, we MUST do our part over here to defend the Republic from domestic enemies while they are fighting to protect it from foreign enemies.  Yes, I believe we have domestic enemies.  I believe they are actively engaged in the process of changing our Country into something none of us would ever believe possible.

Tell me, would you ever expect a self described Communist to have the ear of the President as the Green Jobs Czar?

And then there’s this. Pat Caddell, former Pollster and still a self described Liberal Democrat, wonders if President Obama is really in charge:

It’s one thing to see the piece from Glenn Beck on Van Jones.  I am still trying to independently confirm the claims made in that piece but I am confident enough to post it here because I have seen this guy speak and firmly believe he is fully capable of that idiocy.  The second piece is Pat FRIGGIN Caddell!  This is a guy who served the presidential campaigns of McGovern, Carter, Hart, Biden, and Jerry Brown.  While he has had his issues with his party you saw in the video he still considers himself a Liberal Democrat.  For THIS GUY to question the current Administration is something spectacular.

Glenn Beck has had some great shows of late.  While some of his rhetoric seems over the top at times and his antics drive some people, like Mrs. Pilgrim, absolutely insane the meat of his message is worthy of investigation and that is what I am working toward.

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