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Humana and Free Speech

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Humana sent a note to its customers holding Medicare Advantage policies explaining the impact on the health insurance reform plan.  They told their customers that benefits would but cut as part of the plan.  HotAir reports the Congressional budget office tells us today that Humana is correct.  Unfortunately for Humana, the Administration isn’t concerned about truth so much as the protection of this aspect of the President’s agenda.

Humana received a direct threat from Medicare (under Health and Human Services which is headed by Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas).  Medicare explained that Humana had tried to confuse and mislead their customers and therefore the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL BE INVESTIGATING ALL MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PROVIDERS.

Senator McConnell has some words to say about this:

Now, for anyone who reads my stuff they know that I’ve had some serious issues with my Senior Senator.  His handling of President Bush’s Amnesty bill was tragic.  His utter lack of leadership on the Senate floor has been a burr under my saddle for quite a while.  THIS speech however certainly wins the Senator some points from me.

Fight the good fight Senator McConnell!  Fight to protect our God given unalienable right to Free Speech!

Some have asked why I refocused…

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

THIS is why.  Men like that Corpsman.  Purple heart recipients who honor us all by gleefully return to their comrades, leaving young wives and children behind,  for the sole purpose of “saving Marines”.

Sure wish the President recognized these fine heros.  I wish the President would support them and their commander by supporting the surge request.

Full article below the fold for my reference more than anything else.


President Obama weak on Afghanistan

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Via HotAir: Charles Krauthammer nails the President on the “policy” in Afghanistan.  God Help us and our Warrior Class.

And now from Blackfive as well.  Glad I’m in excellent company.

I’m squarely with Krauthammer on this.  We have no cart and we have no horse.  General McChrystal has privately called for a surge in Afghanistan.  That report was leaked to the legacy media without a hint of objection from DOD. (Leakers of foreign policy material should be shot, allowed to heal, then shot again.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)  The leaked report was issued to the President on August 30.  Not a word from the President on it since that time although he HAS had time to yuk it up with Letterman and his legacy media pals.

Mr. President, please contact Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee’s office.  I’m sure she can help you with her most excellent multi-tasking skills.

15 abortions in 16 years…the Book.

Monday, September 21st, 2009

I found this link in the article section at Hotair.  I spent a good 30 minutes crafting my comment there.  Ms. Vilar seems to be concerned for her safety after publishing her book.  I will not be a party to threats directed at Ms. Vilar and pre-emptively condemn anyone who might cause her any heartache whatever.

As I said in my comment at HotAir, the premise of her book angers me and I feel like she has slapped my wife and I squarely in the face.

God Bless you Ms. Vilar.

Presidential Exposure and our National Discourse

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Over the past couple weeks President Obama has been making the rounds on the various legacy media outlets trying to pitch his case for his Health Insurance Reform plan.  He doesn’t seem to understand that the case has been made and rejected by the American people.  Perhaps he does understand it and now he is simply trying to force his case by getting angrier and angrier himself.  President Obama is no fool.  He knows that the more he presses Americans the more we will rhetorically fight back.  The more we fight back, the more he trots out the “we should be more civil in our discourse” line.  Which is a pitiful attempt to change the subject.  We witnessed an excellent example of this during the President’s speech before the joint session of Congress.

It seems that the President wants civility in OUR discourse but doesn’t intend to model that behavior on his own.  In his speech he wasted little time on civility as he labeled all of us who disagree with his proposal as liars and extremists.  When Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) called him on it during the speech we all had to endure the next 48 hours of “beat up on Joe” even though he immediately apologized for his inappropriate outburst.  Please understand that the bulk of the outrage we saw after the speech was a political contrivance for the sole purpose of demonstrating the “lack of civility” the President and his cohorts(chiefly Speaker Pelosi) have been whining about for quite a while.  What Joe Wilson did was wrong.  It was a slap in the face to the Office of the President.  It was wrong when the Democrats booed President Bush and it’s wrong now.  Only difference is we expect it from this breed of Democrat.  Conservatives hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior.  A standard that Mr. Wilson knew he had violated before the second echo of his words in the chamber.

Changing the subject is the last defense for the loser of an argument.  We’ve all used the tactic with the same result if the opposition is worth their rhetorical salt.  Even if successful, the loser of the argument is still a bit tainted for his effort.  How tainted is the debater who, rather than simply changing the subject, resorts to personal attacks and name calling?  I’m not talking about the Python-esque name calling of “Silly Kniggit” or personal attacks of “Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries”.  I’m talking about tossing out the racist grenade.

It seems that any opposition to the President’s policies is now labeled as racist.  We have lied about death panels.  We are heartless for the however many million Americans who currently have no health insurance.  We are in bed with the insurance companies.  But WE are the ones who are supposed to be civil.  The arrogance is astounding.

It seems that the more the President is on TV, the more we get lectured to about being civil in our lieing, heartless, corrupt laden discourse.  Mr. President, we are not stupid.  We are your boss.  You cannot brow beat us and we will not tolerate or participate in your 1984-esque media exposure.  Your rhetorical skills, however formidable, will not when our support unless the rhetoric makes sense to us lieing, heartless, corrupt legions.

Have you forgotten?

Friday, September 11th, 2009

I haven’t. Allahpundit hasn’t. Ed Morrissey hasn’t.  Many others haven’t.


Have you forgotten what these animals can do?

Nick Berg

Have you forgotten what they made our neighbors endure?


Have you forgotten?

STOP Cloture vote on Cass Sunstein appointment **NOW WITH VIDEO**

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Cloture Vote succeeded: 63-35.
Looks like 4 Republicans voted for Mr. Sunstein. Roll Call to be added once it is available.

Partial ROLL CALL **UNOFFICIAL** (Official Roll Call will be here once posted and below the fold in this article.)
Republicans voting FOR Cloture:
Bennett, Collins, Gregg, Hatch, Lugar, Snowe, Voinovich, Hatch

Democrats voting AGAINST Cloture:
Webb, Lincoln


Health Insurance Reform

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Tomorrow evening the President will wax poetic on the virtues of his idea of Health insurance reform.  By all accounts this presentation on the floor of the House of Representatives before a joint session of Congress will have to be a homerun to convince Republicans to support any of the proposals he and his party have come up with.

Here’s hoping he’s read Sarah Palin’s Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal.  Since I know he reads my blog religiously(oh wait, he hasn’t found a church yet) regularly, I’ll include the entire piece here.


Rev. Wright and the Post-Racial Era

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This just in from Faux News by way of Jammie Wearing Fool:

So, once again, because we have issues with a proposed bill before Congress we are “racists”.  That’s fine “Reverend” Wright.  We will continue to judge bills on their content.  You continue judging us based on the color of our skin.  We’ll see what the American People think is racist and what isn’t.

Oh, “Reverend” Wright, say hey to Mr. Jones for me.  I think he’s just past the front axle of the bus you are both under.

All the President’s Men…

Monday, September 7th, 2009

The news continues to break on the Van Jones resignation and other fallout the late night resignation has created.  It appears that Mr. Jones was brought on board without completing a 67 questionaire that would have, in theory anyway, revealed his Marxist, Radical, Truther past.  Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, had this to say about Mr. Jones soon after his appointment to the ever growing Czar list:

So, Ms. Jarret makes the claim that they had been following Mr. Jones “for as long as he’s been active out in Oakland”.  Would that period of time include his activities with STORM?  How about his participation in the Rodney King riots?

A commenter here asks if we can extrapolate from the Van Jones debacle that the President agrees with the philosophy of Mr. Jones.  I don’t know about that.  We have to take people at their word and try to match their words with their actions.  We have nothing from the President that might indicate he is a marxist.  However, we have all kinds of evidence that he is as Radical as these Acorn folks “reclaiming” a home:

President Obama was a national leader for Acorn.  So, you be the judge.  Just how radical is the President?  I maintain we continue to take him at his word.  As the commenter pointed out, the President told us during his campaign that we should look at the people he surrounds himself with.  Let’s do that in the days ahead beginning with Mark Lloyd.

#VanJones resigns in the middle of the night

Monday, September 7th, 2009

I was hoping that Mr. Jones would stick around.  From the stunning lack of language of any sort from the Whitehouse on the matter, one is left to assume that Mr. Jones still has the support of the Administration and they simply failed to talk Mr. Jones out of his decision to resign.

On another note, it seems that anyone who works in the Whitehouse must complete a questionaire that includes questions that essentially boil down to “have you ever done, said, or associated yourself with anything that might embarrass the President?”.    Faux News reports the Whitehouse confesses that Mr. Jones did not complete said questionaire.  So, who in the Czar Committee did?

So, Mr. Jones can return to his Green for All organization and focus on greening up the inner cities.  Not a bad idea really.  His book had some pretty good ideas but the problem falls back on Mr. Jones’ own racist rhetoric and marxist beliefs which cloud his ideas in all kinds of mystery.  Was Mr. Jones intending on forming some kind of political movement?  Who knows now.

Kids, let this be a lesson to you…be careful of your associations and what you allow to placed up on Youtube.

#VanJones: I was against that petition when I signed it.

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

The headline comes from one @paulclucas from twitter.  Just wanted to give credit for the Kerry-esque apology/explanation/nail in his political career’s coffin he offered this evening to the ongoing charges of his radical nature.

This sounds like something right out of a Simpson episode.  I can almost hear Bart, “I didn’t do it!  I’m sorry it offended anyone!  I didn’t mean it!  I disagreed with it! You can’t prove it!”

Please.  As AP said at HotAir:

Three possibilities. One: The Truthers are lying and simply added names of activists like Jones who, um, no one had ever heard of when the petition was circulated in 2004. If that’s true, it’s curious that people like Ed Asner and Janeane Garofalo, whose names are also on there, apparently haven’t objected in the five years since. Two: As I said in the Beck post, maybe Jones doesn’t actually believe the theory but signed on for the sheer romantic rebel pseudo-intellectual glory of it. In that case, we’re in the same situation as we were with Ron Paul when he denied having written the racist crap in those old Ron Paul newsletters: Even if he’s telling the truth, the fact that he approved it proves he’s either too stupid or careless to be trusted with power. Or three: Jones is lying. Unless the correct answer is number one — and it’s mighty curious that Jones isn’t saying it is — then he’s got to go. Pull the trap door, Barry.

He’s done.  Right now, this statement and the others to come are just the last grasps for  anything close to his integrity.  In the end we will all get to read about how this is all just a racist attack by all us rich plutocrats against a hard working family man who only wanted to serve his country.

Don’t let the door hit you on your marxist @$$ on the way out.

Congressman Rangel donates to Ben Chandler…how nice

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

Marcia Kramer of tv channel 2 in New York city claims that my Congressman, Ben Chandler, was given a donation by Charlie Rangel.  It is interesting that Chandler is on the House Ethics Committee and Mr. Rangel is staring an ethics investigation in the face.

Ms. Kramer says:

There may be a reason for Rangel’s arrogance. CBS 2 HD has discovered that since ethics probes began last year the 79-year-old congressman has given campaign donations to 119 members of Congress, including three of the five Democrats on the House Ethics Committee who are charged with investigating him.

Charlie’s “angels” on the committee include Congressmen Ben Chandler of Kentucky, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Peter Welch of Vermont. All have received donations from Rangel.

No word about Chandler returning the money or if he even knows about the donation.  He has been in hiding throughout the August recess.  Congressman Welch of Vermont, another recipient of Rangel’s largesse, has returned the money says Ms. Kramer:

Only Welch sees something wrong with being financial beholden to Charlie.

“In an abundance of caution, he has returned all campaign contributions from Mr. Rangel,” said spokesman Bob Rogan, Welch’s Chief of Staff.

It amounted to nearly 20 grand.

So we know the amount was $20,000 to Congressman Welch.  Should we expect the same amount to all 3 of the 5 Democrats on the committee:

Charlie’s “angels” on the committee include Congressmen Ben Chandler of Kentucky, G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina and Peter Welch of Vermont. All have received donations from Rangel.

Congressman Chandler, come clean on this please.  If you do not it will be an albatross for you come next November.

You have kids in school? Keep them home on September 8th

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

**UPDATE III**  As HotAir’s Ed Morrissey says in his update, this was mishandled from the very gitgo.  A far more traditional approach would have been to keep the lesson plan focused on the ambitions of the students with emphasis on staying in school and perhaps even a challenge to the kids to do better than their international counterparts.  Instead, the Administration chocked the lesson plan with references to the President himself lending the appearance of a personal plea to support the President’s agenda.  Granted, some of these kids (dare I say MOST) have no idea what his Agenda is, but their parents probably do.  When the Administration asked gradeschool kids to “write a letter to themselves discussion what they can do to help the President”, well, that was the nail in the coffin for any political aims of this speech.

**UPDATE II**  KUDOs to Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday for recognizing the importance of a parent’s role in the education of their children.

FRANKFORT — State school superintendents should provide alternative activities for children whose parents do not want them to watch President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation’s schoolchildren next week, Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday said in an e-mail Thursday.

“Although the event appears to be non-partisan and is designed to motivate students to do well in school, parental concerns should be addressed,” Holliday said.

**UPDATE** HotAir reports  The White House has changed their lesson plan for the historic Presidential Address to the Students of America.  The task on the second page that used to read:

Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president.

Will now read:

Write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short‐term and long‐term education goals.

Their reasons?

“We changed it to clarify the language so the intent is clear,” said White House Spokesman Tommy Vietor.

Yeah.  The two tasks are so incredibly similar!  How can I help the President versus How can I accomplish my goals?  absolutely identical when you get right down to it.  Sorry Mr. Vietor, but you were trotted out right in front of the bus.  That is a busy little bus.  Has all kinds of people under it too.

Still not sure I would trust the event on the 8th.  What they did here is pretty disingenuous.


It seems that President Obama is going to be speaking to our Nation’s Youth on September 8th.  Isn’t that nice?  It is the first time in history a President has addressed ALL the Nation’s youth at one time.  Isn’t it historic??  Sure is.  Be the first family on the block to miss this historic event.  Take a day off and spend it with your kids.  Teach them about our Country and how special it is.

The Department of Education even offers a lesson plan for this historic event here.  The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, says this on the DoE website:

The President will challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning. He will also call for a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, parents and educators to ensure that every child in every school receives the best education possible so they can compete in the global economy for good jobs and live rewarding and productive lives as American citizens.

Students, Parents, and Educators eh?  Will someone kindly tell me how parents are going to hear this message if the event is going to take place over the lunch hour?  How many parents have the time and/or capability to take time off from work to travel to their child’s school to witness this historic event with their children?  My sister-in-law couldn’t do it.  She works in the healthcare sector and is a professional.  She could probably swing lunch with one of her children…but not all three because they go to different schools.  How many families are in that particular situation? There is no way a factory worker or someone working strictly by the hour can make this happen and that family model makes up the vast majority of American households.  Why couldn’t the President make this happen at 7pm on a weeknight?  After dinner time…after the nightly news shows…well before bedtime for except the youngest of the young who wouldn’t be in school to hear the message anyway.  Why not?  He could use the same lesson plan and even have the same goals accomplished.  Oh.  Wait.  Maybe not the same goals because mom and dad will probably have some input into little Johnny and Susie’s discussion before Mr or Ms NEA has a turn at them.  Can’t have those pesky parents getting involved with the children’s education.  Can’t have mom and dad sharing their values with the kiddies before Mr and Ms NEA get to pollute the pool.

I understand there are some good teachers out there.  I get it that even some of the NEA teachers will play this down the middle.  But, there will be those NEA teachers who WILL distort this “teaching moment” into a mini brainwashing session.

If this were President Clinton I wouldn’t be overly concerned about this.  Clinton is a consummate politician who was really only after the power in the office.  Take that away and he would still be chasing skirts in Little Rock.  President Obama is another matter.  During his campaign he said we could judge him by the people around him so we look at the people he has brought on board as advisors.  Van Jones?  John Holdren?  Cass Sunstein?  Mark Lloyd?  heh, no thanks Mr. President.

It is not the job of the President of the United States to discuss anything of importance with my kids.  Read them a book?  Sure.  Hop in the classroom for 20 minutes for a photo op and have the kids tell him or her what they are learning?  Absolutely.  Speak to them about them about anything else without me being there?  No way.

Had this historic event not broken the national news cycle I can PROMISE you there would’ve been mention of healthcare and the environment in this little speech the President intends to give.  I can still promise you that Mr or Ms NEA will most certainly bring it up.

Vodkapundit and Dana Loesch and I are on the same page so I think I’m in good company.  Joanne Jacobs doesn’t see anything wrong with it.  What could go wrong?  I mean, the President’s advisors are only Eugenics freaks, Marxists, and Animal Rights extremists!