#VanJones: I was against that petition when I signed it.

Posted by on September 3, 2009

The headline comes from one @paulclucas from twitter.  Just wanted to give credit for the Kerry-esque apology/explanation/nail in his political career’s coffin he offered this evening to the ongoing charges of his radical nature.

This sounds like something right out of a Simpson episode.  I can almost hear Bart, “I didn’t do it!  I’m sorry it offended anyone!  I didn’t mean it!  I disagreed with it! You can’t prove it!”

Please.  As AP said at HotAir:

Three possibilities. One: The Truthers are lying and simply added names of activists like Jones who, um, no one had ever heard of when the petition was circulated in 2004. If that’s true, it’s curious that people like Ed Asner and Janeane Garofalo, whose names are also on there, apparently haven’t objected in the five years since. Two: As I said in the Beck post, maybe Jones doesn’t actually believe the theory but signed on for the sheer romantic rebel pseudo-intellectual glory of it. In that case, we’re in the same situation as we were with Ron Paul when he denied having written the racist crap in those old Ron Paul newsletters: Even if he’s telling the truth, the fact that he approved it proves he’s either too stupid or careless to be trusted with power. Or three: Jones is lying. Unless the correct answer is number one — and it’s mighty curious that Jones isn’t saying it is — then he’s got to go. Pull the trap door, Barry.

He’s done.  Right now, this statement and the others to come are just the last grasps for  anything close to his integrity.  In the end we will all get to read about how this is all just a racist attack by all us rich plutocrats against a hard working family man who only wanted to serve his country.

Don’t let the door hit you on your marxist @$$ on the way out.

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