President Obama weak on Afghanistan

Posted by on September 22, 2009

Via HotAir: Charles Krauthammer nails the President on the “policy” in Afghanistan.  God Help us and our Warrior Class.

And now from Blackfive as well.  Glad I’m in excellent company.

I’m squarely with Krauthammer on this.  We have no cart and we have no horse.  General McChrystal has privately called for a surge in Afghanistan.  That report was leaked to the legacy media without a hint of objection from DOD. (Leakers of foreign policy material should be shot, allowed to heal, then shot again.  Lather. Rinse. Repeat.)  The leaked report was issued to the President on August 30.  Not a word from the President on it since that time although he HAS had time to yuk it up with Letterman and his legacy media pals.

Mr. President, please contact Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee’s office.  I’m sure she can help you with her most excellent multi-tasking skills.

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