Humana and Free Speech

Posted by on September 23, 2009

Humana sent a note to its customers holding Medicare Advantage policies explaining the impact on the health insurance reform plan.  They told their customers that benefits would but cut as part of the plan.  HotAir reports the Congressional budget office tells us today that Humana is correct.  Unfortunately for Humana, the Administration isn’t concerned about truth so much as the protection of this aspect of the President’s agenda.

Humana received a direct threat from Medicare (under Health and Human Services which is headed by Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas).  Medicare explained that Humana had tried to confuse and mislead their customers and therefore the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WILL BE INVESTIGATING ALL MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PROVIDERS.

Senator McConnell has some words to say about this:

Now, for anyone who reads my stuff they know that I’ve had some serious issues with my Senior Senator.  His handling of President Bush’s Amnesty bill was tragic.  His utter lack of leadership on the Senate floor has been a burr under my saddle for quite a while.  THIS speech however certainly wins the Senator some points from me.

Fight the good fight Senator McConnell!  Fight to protect our God given unalienable right to Free Speech!

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