North Carolina “Pottygate” and Federal Threats

Posted by on May 9, 2016

So…lemme see if I got this right.  North Carolina passes a bill into law, the Feds take issue with the law and sue North Carolina, North Carolina sues them right back, and then the Feds threaten to halt Federal Funding to North Carolina while this is adjudicated?  Ya know…I don’t really care what the primary issue is at this point, AG Lynch basically threatened EVERYONE in North Carolina when she said they reserved the right to withhold funding to Public Safety agencies in the Tarheel State.  In the same presser this afternoon she compared this issue to the Emancipation Proclamation.  WOW.  Just…wow.  I just can’t even begin to address all the stupid in that.

On the issue itself.  Folks, we have existing laws to use against people who violate our community standards.  If I walk into the men’s room at a local store and treat that public restroom like the football team locker room then I can probably expect to fall victim to those laws…as well as a righteous beatdown.  I have seen men bring their daughters into the Men’s room because they were too young to be left alone outside.  I’ve watched mothers take their young sons into the Women’s room for the same reason.  It is mom and dad’s responsibility to protect their children from whatever it is that might threaten them whether that is faulty plumbing or people wishing to visit violence upon them.  No law is going to prevent bad actors from doing their work.  Why on earth do we need one now?

I honestly don’t get it.

I do understand the AG and her Justice Department.  They are bulling North Carolina into compliance and to hell with North Carolina’s 10th Amendment rights.  This is not in ANYWAY a Civil Rights issue and I’m not sure there is anything to protect citizens from.  If the AG follows through with her rhetoric and actually suspends funding to the Public Safety in North Carolina….wow.  “That’s a nice Public Safety agency you have there…shame if something happened to it.”

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