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And the circle is closed

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

The immigration issue is big in this election season. Candidates suck up to their constituents using whatever shtick that works best. Blogs and commenters are alive with excited debates on the pros and cons of illegal immigration/immigration in general. It’s a great time to be a political junkie.

Every once in a while the rhetorical question comes up about terrorists entering the country illegally…it is not longer rhetorical. It appears that we have a story worthy of Vince Flynn in the case of Nada Nadim Prouty.

HotAir posted this news clip from the otherwise useless “Big Story” on Fox News:

Allah’s comments are worth a read as well.

Debbie Schlussel’s background, included in the HotAir link above but presented here as well, is very enlightening as well.

How can an otherwise private citizen, Ms. Schlussel, have more information on this illegal alien/barbarian spy turned Federal Agent than the Federal Agencies who hired her?

Anyone who had authority over Nada Nadim Prouty, who was responsible for her career in the FBI/CIA, should be fired immediately and investigated to determine if they were aware of what she was doing. While authors like Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy can write some wonderfully dramatic stories, for something like this to happen in reality there simply had to be something going on inside these agencies that allowed her to accomplish this feat.

I cannot begin to express my disgust at this whole mess.

WMD in Iraq

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Tonight Peter Hoekstra and Rick Santorum announced that US forces have recovered at least 500 “weapons”, probably artillery and rockets\missiles, in Iraq since May of 2004.

I have long contended that we had found WMD in Iraq early on but some folks have dumped on that fact because “one artillery shell is not a stockpile(mustard gas shell found in May of 2004)” or “precursor binary agents could be in any chemical plant”(Sarin gas precursor agents found in well protected bunkers in April of 2003). Well, now we have 500 or so artillery rounds filled with chemical weapons.

500 of anything would be considered a stockpile by any reasonable person. 500 Chemical Artillery rounds is a couple stockpiles.

Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters says:

Some will claim that the release is strictly for political purposes. They may have a point, but I doubt it will have anything to do with domestic politics. If Bush wanted to use it for that, he would have done so in October 2004 and not in June 2006. This information changes the picture about our pre-war intelligence in time for the Iranian confrontation — and I suspect that the White House wants to declassify it in order to convince European leaders that our intel actually paid off.

I think Ed is dead on. The President has stated repeatedly he doesn’t govern by Polls. He doesn’t give a wit about his “favorability” scores. This President is a leader and is led by his principles. I’m certain that he wasn’t interested in opening up this can of worms in the US National debate again. But by showing that, in fact, his intel(and that of the rest of the modern world) was correct prior to invading Iraq, he might just gain some credibility with certain members of the diplomatic community as we apply the screws to Iran and Korea.

Zarqawi: “Hey honey, what’s with the attitude and all these scales?”

Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Yesterday the United States Military ended the rather worthless life of Abu Zarqawi. His brother is now saying that ole Abu is a martyr. So I guess he’s sitting in what he believes to be paradise right about now and wondering if the marketing was wrong or perhaps he took a wrong turn in Pergatory.

Those 77 virgins are hardly what he expected. They may well be virgins but they surely ain’t as pretty as he thought they might be.

As Froggy says, good riddance, Bitch!

I’m sure more is to come here but this is a great day for the Iraqi people and all freedom loving people around the world. The barbarians in Iraq have to be more than alittle shaken by this. Sure, another head will grow on this Hydra but we’ve proven we can take deal with them. Line up boys, take a number and wait your turn. Your time is coming.

UPDATE: Reuters is quoting an ABCNEWS source stating:

“Zarqawi was apparently injured at first… The Americans found him. They handed him over to the Iraqis and he later died of his injuries,”

What a pity eh? Alittle Iraqi justice for ya there barbarian. I’m sure they treated your wounds real well. “How about alittle sand in that wound pal…” Heh. I love the “later died of his injuries” part. Hmmm…which injuries? The injuries from the bombing or the several hundred 7.62mm holes in him from after the bombings.

Snide Update: That Reuters report makes me wonder if we’ll be hearing about how inhumane the Iraqi police were toward this barbarian. How long will it take before the Domestic Enemies of America are lamenting the “alleged” lack of proper medical care afforded Zarqawi? You know it’s coming. Maybe we should send condolence cards to Ex-Marine Murtha.
Tracking with Smash, Blackfive, Iraq the Model, Singlemind, Milblogs

Possible Barbarian Activity very soon

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Something tells me that something big is in the works from the barbarians. We’ve had 3 video tapes this past week and tomorrow is May 1st, the traditional Communist holiday(which should really irritate the Pagans out there). Steve Emerson, of the Counterterrorism Blog, seems to think this is a potential tip off for the barbarians to attack somewhere.

It’s been a while since a major attack on the west…what, since the London bombings? Dunno…keep your powder dry.

Perhaps an attempt on Musharraf? Zawahiri seemed to be obsessed with him in his rant.

Collecting and Connecting Dots

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Gotta love Bryan Preston’s blog Junkyard Blog. His piece from last week contained this little PSA which is better than anything I’ve seen from Moveon.

Go watch it…yeah, it’s work safe.
[h/t: Michelle Malkin]

Now we got’m, now we don’t.

Saturday, January 14th, 2006

Well shoot. What happened in Pakistan early friday morning is a perfect of example of going from Hero to Goat in the span of a few hours.

The Pakistani’s and our own barbarian supporters will be screaming their typical rants of:

  • “Targeting civilians!”
  • “Bush can’t run this war!”
  • “US Military are baby killers!”

I’m not thrilled with the prospect of killing innocents in this attack. It saddens me but I have to realize that terrible things happen in war. Any number of things could have happened here. Perhaps we were given bad intel on purpose. Maybe Zawahiri **WAS** there but had left before the attack was launched. Maybe someone mis-identified someone as Zawahiri(as a CIO of a certain education organization accused me the other day, “they all look like”. Yeah, MP, I’m alittle pissed about that). Who knows what happened to cause this but the bottom line is we killed 15 or so people, including children, in a military strike against a legitimate target but our intelligence was wrong. Terribly sad but it happens in War. It’s the nature of War.

I’m just wondering when Al-Kennedy or Al-Pelosi will crawl out from under their rock and demand an investigation into why the Administration targeted these civilians for attack.

Counterterrorism Blog has the complete round up.

Tracphones? I’ll have 60 please

Friday, January 13th, 2006

Well well well Mr. Risen, sure this has nothing to do with your book…er…SCOOP huh? Tracphones are wonderful for parents who want to have contact with their kids without the fear of their kids running up huge cell bills. They are also great for blowing up subway trains and other things.

Mr. Risen, you broke the story of the NSA program where our government was monitoring telephone calls from and to suspected barbarians. Cell and land line phones are easy to sniff…except for these tracphones. I just wonder what these particular barbarians were going to do with 150 tracphones. It would be all but impossible to track them. Say each barbarian has four or five phones and the rotate them every five days. Impossible to find let alone monitor.

This particular bunch of barbarians were captured by sharp eyed and quick witted Walmart and Target employees. What about the others who are doing the same thing, possibly right there in Gotham, and are NOT getting caught? What about those who are getting them online?

Mr. Risen, you do realize of course that your actions may well have contributed to this, right? Your blue pill mentality has put us all at risk just so you could sell a few pathetic books. Thanks Mr. Risen, the blood is on your hands.

Senator McConnell chimes in

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Today, my senior Senator, Mitch McConnell, on Fox News Sunday let us know what he thought about the NSA thing:

“We’re already talking about this entirely too much out in public as a result of these leaks … and it’s endangering our efforts to make Americans more secure,” McConnell said.

Amen sir. The hearings that are certainly going to be held on this, whether to determine the leak or to determine if the operation itself was legal, will have to be held in secret. This will drive the Anti-American Senators and House members nuts because they won’t be able to further damage our capabilities. Tough excrement. You are lucky we live in a more “sensitive” world than we used to.

But the sad fact is, they won’t respect a closed hearing either. They will be rushing to cameras to spew their guts as soon as, or before, the closing gavel rings in the chambers. Anything they can do to put our country in jeopardy is fair game to these people.

Thanks for chiming in Senator. Keep it up…you MUST be more vocal and tell Senator Bunning to speak up to. I would suggest doing the same for Congressman Chandler but he’s attached to the Pelosi\Kennedy Democrat teet.

Patriot Act extended for 6 months

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

AP reports a deal may be in the works in the Senate to extend the Patriot Act for 6 months. Four Republicans want their “grievances” addressed in the next debate and given an agreement to that effect they will vote for the extension.

Michelle Malkin reports via Kathryn Lopez at NRO that there are still four more votes needed for cloture and those have to be Senate democrats. Tall order that, it would appear.

If nothing else, this proves that direct action against our elected folks in DC is far more productive than having battles of wits with unarmed opponents. Keep the calls\faxes\letters going to DC!

FISA and SigInt

Tuesday, December 20th, 2005

My oh my how this has stirred up a mess. We have supporters of the President reaching for anything they can find to support the Signals Intelligence gathering on American Citizens during wartime while the “loyal” opposition supporters of the barbarians are screaming for impeachment and waxing poetic about civil liberties.

While the barbarian supporters can do little to harm the President, the supporters of the President are causing all manner of problems by just muddying the waters. Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive is doing just that by drawing Clinton’s SigInt activities into the question. Uncle Jimbo, THEY. DON’T. CARE. All they want to do is hurt this President and, as you can tell in the comments to your post, you bringing up Clinton only gives them ammunition.

People…calm down. You are not going to convince the Anti-American citizens to change their minds, they just want to play a tit for tat game with this President. Let them rant and target your wrath to the Congressmen and Senators in your districts and states. Hammer them to investigate the leak of this program to the New York Crimes/Washington Boast. **THAT** is the real crime here. If a desk jockey at the CIA can stir up an investigation about her being “outed”, then surely this meets a similar(though far more sober) standard.

But, this is the world we live in now. The story is out and the lengths taken by NSA to rip my civil liberties apart should be investigated. Like Smash, I hope this investigation doesn’t harm our National Security more than the initial leak but with the barbarian supporters thinking they see blood in the water…well…it’s going to be a very interesting Winter.

Reality II – with illustration

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

Today a tragic event played out at Miami International Airport. A man with Bi-Polar disorder had failed to take his medication and declared that he had a bomb. An Air Marshall ordered the man to the ground at which point the man reached for a carryon bag. Air Marshall did what he had to do and now the man is dead from one or more pistol rounds.

Referencing yesterday’s rant, That is reality. Now for an illustration of the contrived world of a Blue Pill person:

Federal Airport Nazis execute unarmed citizen

The Federal Marshalls assasinated an innocent citizen in Miami. These idiots murdered an unarmed passenger once they had him on the ground. Here’s a prediction. They will discover that 1) he wasn’t a terrorist and 2) he didn’t have a bomb and 3) he was unarmed and 4) they over-reacted and killed the poor man. Of course, this is just the price we have to pay for living in a police state.

Mr. Wallie left this on the Counterterrorism blog as a track back to their report of the incident.

1) The man wasn’t innocent. He was sick but certainly not innocent. Claiming to have a bomb in an airport is likely to get you shot in any airport in the world. Well, except France.

2) He was never on the ground willingly although he was ordered to the ground.

3) True he wasn’t a terrorist but how would the Air Marshall know that? The guy said he had a bomb and was reaching for his bag. Is Air Marshall supposed to wait until AFTER he’s been blown up to try and stop him?

4) True again, he didn’t have a bomb but how would the Air Marshall know that? Ask him? Wait for the hand to come out of the carry on bag with a rubber chicken?

5) They didn’t over react. Over reacting would have been jumping to conclusions before even confronting the man with the order to get on the ground. You are well familiar with jumping to conclusions though.

6) They did kill the man and it turned out to be a tragic, yet necessary, killing.

7) Police State? perhaps you are also off your medication.


Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Reality is the rake that breaks your nose after you forgot and left it in the yard. Reality is that nasty cut on your hand when you fall on the broken glass. Reality is the bastards in the world ready to slowly strip the skin from your children while you and your wife are bound and forced to watch. Reality is the bastards in the world that fly airplanes full of innocent men, women, and children into buildings full of innocent men, women, and children. Reality sucks.

Fortunately we have a whole bunch of people in this country that refuse to accept the basic reality based fact that there are people in the world that will kill you for the simple pleasure of watching you die. No reason. No oppression. No political balderdash wrapped in an upside down American flag. These are the people that work for Human Rights Watch and the other people who cling to their outrageous reports exposing covert CIA locations around the world. Is it outrageous because the reports are false? I doubt it. Maybe because the locations are wrong? Doubt that to. It’s outrageous because these people don’t get it…they don’t understand what reality is.

I’m with Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive:

I’m about ready to just moor an aircraft carrier 50 miles off DC and centralize all funky operations out of there. Surround it with a bunch of Aegis Cruisers decked out with anti-missile gear and float a few shark boats underwater and Game on!

Here’s alittle more reality. We are at war. The enemy will stop at NOTHING to “win” and to them that means destroy America. While we are fighting terrorists the world over we fight this war against our own citizens who cannot accept reality. These people are the epitomy of Blue Pill People. They can’t see the real world because they are too busy looking at their contrived world where we can all just hug and sing some stupid song to get along.

You know what happens when you try to hug pre-war Saddam Hussein? His thugs kill you. You know what happens when you try to hug ol’ Stumpy Zarqawi? He knocks you down and slowly relieves you of your brain bag. If we capture Zarqawi do you really think a nice cushy cell, 3 Islamic friendly meals a day, Prayer Beads, and a Koran is going to make him tell us about his network? Well you are wrong. The only way to get this barbarian to talk is to threaten him with a slow painful not-quite-death…and then exercising your option of it. They don’t fear death…they do fear pain for they are cowards.

Is the above activity against the standards of a civilized society? Absolutely. But, dear reader, let me ask you this:

Since when has civilized behavior won a war of attrition?

That’s the reality of this War on Terror, deal with it.

Update: Of course, Wretchard of the Belmont Club has an excellent article related to this. He goes into the moral issues surrounding torture. Excellent excellent read…as always.

Possible tragedy for the Al-Qaeda wing of the Democrat party

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Rumors are swirling about the possible demise of that man without a country, Zarqawi.

If it turns true, I’ll be taking a donation for sympathy chocolate(heavilly laced with Exlax) to be sent to Senators Al-Kennedy and Al-Durbin.

Nigerian Plane Crash

Monday, October 31st, 2005

Last Saturday a plane went down in Nigeria shortly after take off. At first authorities said it was a tragedy but just a crash…nothing fishy. Now, Nigerian authorities suspect an explosion. Douglas Farah at the Counterterrorism blog has the full details as he has worked them out.

One thing jumps out at me however. Of the 117 passengers on board Bellview flight 210 was a US Special Forces operator. Just one? It wouldn’t surprise me to see JSOC have guys in Nigeria. It **WOULD** surprise me to see a single operator on a puddle jumper.

God Bless him and his family…and the rest of his team.